Freya Bromley
Freya Bromley is an online journalist and student at Durham University. She recently completed a placement in the Department of Education in the Secretary of State’s office and is hoping to work towards a career in media and marketing after completing her Archaeology & Ancient History degree.

Meanwhile she is a journalist for MTV sticky where she writes on millennial culture. Freya contributes to several similar projects which, including her blog, involve investigating trending, social and cultural habits. Most recently 'Make Things Do Stuff' which is a campaign that aims to mobilise the next generation of digital makers and its partners include Microsoft, Facebook, Mozilla and

Freya has worked for organisations such as MTV Sticky, Latimer, The Sense Network, The Huffington Post, Student Beans, First News Newspaper and Converse.

Entries by Freya Bromley

Web for Everyone Launches Campaign to Fight Internet Inequality

(1) Comments | Posted 6 March 2014 | (15:32)

As we celebrate 25 years of the World Wide Web, the Web for Everyone coalition wants to give thousands of people the power to learn new digital skills. The aim of the partnership is to address 'internet inequality' by encouraging people from all walks of life, young and old, to...

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Durham University Opposes Motion 'Feminists Are All Too Often Sexists In Disguise' In Debate

(5) Comments | Posted 25 January 2014 | (22:57)

On the 24th January, members of the Durham Union Society voted against the motion "This House Believes Feminists Are All Too Often Sexists In Disguise" after speeches from Mike Buchanan, Swayne O'Pie, Cindy Gallop and Julie Bindel.

In arguing that this house believes feminists are all too often sexists,...

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How to Spend Your New Year's Eve in 2013

(0) Comments | Posted 23 December 2013 | (13:51)

Whether you're a local Londoner or just visiting, finding the best events and things to do in the capital takes serious planning so to avoid being disappointed have a look at our recommendations to make sure you see 2014 in with a band. Always big on the celebrations, London's got...

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Arctic Monkeys Open UK Tour As Most Successful Indie Band Of All Time

(0) Comments | Posted 23 October 2013 | (21:34)

While the band's appearance on Later With Jools Holland was being televised, The Arctic Monkeys were delighting their fans in the North East with a career-spanning 20-song set. There can be little doubt that the 2012/13 season has proved to be their best yet in a career which has been...

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Durham University Choose Real Feminism Over Banning 'Blurred Lines'

(6) Comments | Posted 13 October 2013 | (20:54)

Durham University has taken a stance against the seven university students' unions that banned Robin Thicke's chart-topping "Blurred Lines" for allegedly promoting non-consensual sex.

The emergency debate, held on October 10th in Durham University's debating chamber, discussed the motion, 'This House Believes That The Durham Student's Union Should Ban Blurred...

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Manic Street Preachers Interview: 'I Felt Nothing When Thatcher Died.'

(1) Comments | Posted 11 September 2013 | (12:48)

As the Manic Street Preachers ready themselves to release their new album Rewind The Film, on September 16, I had the chance to catch up with bass player, lyricist and unofficial band spokesman Nicky Wire at BBC Radio 2 live in Hyde Park.

How was it being away, and why...

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Why Your Baby Boomer Parents Are the Reason You Can't Get a Job

(41) Comments | Posted 10 August 2013 | (00:00)

As tuition fees reach £9,000 a year and the number of unemployed graduates in the UK hits 130,000 it's hard to listen out for news of a job vacancy above the hubbub of parents probing why their children can't "just get a job." With an increasingly competitive occupation market it's...

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Why Billy Bragg Wants Young Musicians to Engage

(0) Comments | Posted 4 August 2013 | (13:02)

Billy Bragg is a singer and left-wing activist whose music blends elements of folk music, punk rock and protest songs. At a recent festival in Devon, called Chagstock, I took ten minutes of Billy's time to talk about charity, playing gigs in fields and why young people should get political...

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How Bastille Went From Smuggling Themselves Into Festivals to Headlining Them

(0) Comments | Posted 3 August 2013 | (10:26)

I interviewed Bastille as they headlined Redfest on how they got their break and what advice they would give to bands trying to make it.

You had a number one album in March but do you have any funny stories from when you had no money and were...

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Britain's Students Need to Learn From Malala

(1) Comments | Posted 11 July 2013 | (22:38)

A new study revealed that school dropout rates in the UK are some of the worst in the developing world. Will the recent campaign by 16year old Malala make students in Britain think twice about taking their education for granted?

Malala Yousafzai is the Pakistani teenager and education activist who...

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Is Branding Ruining Music Festivals?

(3) Comments | Posted 8 July 2013 | (22:45)

Does the increasingly corporate atmosphere at festivals undermine the magic that made them so attractive in the first place?

In the 1960s and 70s, when music festivals began to rise in popularity, they were predominately about rebelling against commercial and corporate ploys, and primarily focused on sentiments such as...

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Because Boobs Aren't News

(8) Comments | Posted 26 May 2013 | (20:32)

Sign the petition and say no to Page Three because women contribute to society in many ways that do not involve a man's erection.

The petition is addressed to The Sun's editor, Dominic Mohan, as a plea to end the sexual objectification of women in Britain's tabloids and the...

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Classism Is Made in Chelsea

(4) Comments | Posted 12 May 2013 | (19:29)

Made in Chelsea instills a post code hatred in all of us. Is the propagation of the wealthy in popular culture responsible for classist attitudes in the UK?

Whether you like the programme or not it's hard to deny that Made in Chelsea has been a phenomenal success. It's...

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Hyperinflation Education

(4) Comments | Posted 9 May 2013 | (00:00)

When the Weimar Republic couldn't pay back their reparations after World War One the government were pressured to print more money causing hyperinflation and the redundancy of the Papiermark currency. It seems that as students embark on the journey towards a degree we too are being pressured to output more...

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