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QUIZ! Who Said It: Jeremy Corbyn Or Bernie Sanders?

(0) Comments | Posted 31 August 2015 | (23:40)

They may be an Atlantic a part but Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have a lot in common.

A 'maverick' status in their respective country's political sphere and an attempt to "broaden" political debate are just two.

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Reddit's Predictions For The Future Imagine New Uses For Graphene, Effect Of Climate Change

(0) Comments | Posted 31 August 2015 | (20:01)

Reddit users have made their predictions for the future, and they're not as outlandish as you might expect.

Logical suggestions for future computers, the effect of climate change, and how mankind might begin to rally against technology don't seem too far fetched.

Here's some of Reddit's...

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London's Olympic Stadium's Re-Opening Plagued By Problems Ahead Of Rugby World Cup

(9) Comments | Posted 31 August 2015 | (18:03)

London's Olympic Stadium was put to use for the first time in three years this weekend, but memories of the epic Opening Ceremony quickly faded, as the venue suffered a host of problems during its first rugby match.

In bizarre scenes, the water supply to the...

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'Cameron At 10' Reveals F-Word Text Message Between PM And Boris Johnson

(6) Comments | Posted 31 August 2015 | (15:09)

A new book chronicling 10 Downing Street under David Cameron's leadership alleges that the PM sent an explicit text message to Boris Johnson, after the latter drew attention to old Etonian prime ministers.

In the Mail on Sunday, Sir Anthony Seldon, the book's co-author, publishes an extract in...

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Chris Eubank's Youth Hostelling Tweets 'Take Him 90 Minutes To Compose'

(0) Comments | Posted 31 August 2015 | (10:54)

Boxing champion Chris Eubank has revealed that his new-found stardom on social media has come at a cost - as it takes him up to 90 minutes to compose messages on Twitter.

The former middleweight, 49, says that it takes him up to an...

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Notting Hill Carnival 2015: Sunday 30th August In Pictures

(3) Comments | Posted 30 August 2015 | (22:43)

Festivities were running high in London's Notting Hill on Sunday as one of the largest street festivals in Europe, the Notting Hill Carnival got underway. The carnival originated in 1964 as a way for Afro-Caribbean communities to celebrate their own cultures and traditions.

Taking place every August Bank...

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Minecraft's Markus 'Notch' Persson Says Multi-Billion Dollar Sale Left Him Lonely And Isolated

(10) Comments | Posted 30 August 2015 | (21:14)

The billionaire founder of video game series Minecraft has taken to social media to say he has "never felt more isolated" since he sold the franchise last year.

Markus "Notch" Persson, the Swedish author of the computer series which sees players construct worlds out of cubes,...

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DJ Evian Christ 'Caged' By Leeds Festival Security Staff Prompts #FreeEvian Campaign

(12) Comments | Posted 30 August 2015 | (20:07)

A performer at this weekend's Leeds Festival was made to sit in a cage after being mistaken for a gatecrasher as security staff refused to believe his true identity.

Evian Christ - aka Joshua Leary - has performed with top acts like Kanye West, yet that didn't stop...

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McDonalds Confirms Table Service In All UK Stores From This October

(22) Comments | Posted 30 August 2015 | (17:43)

Fast-food chain McDonalds is to roll out table service to all its 1,250 UK stores in a bid to stave off competition from gourmet burger restaurants, the company has announced.

Customers will be able to select items from its current menu, and customise meals exactly to their taste,...

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Google Maps Turned Into Cool Generative Art By Boston-Based Coder

(0) Comments | Posted 30 August 2015 | (17:35)

A Boston-based computer coder has turned his hand to modifying the Google Maps API to produce some very cool generative art.

Shaun Utter has created a site that automatically generates scenes from a host of predetermined cities, colouring them in shocking fluorescent tones.


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New 'Star Wars' Trailer On Instagram Reveals 'There Has Been An Awakening'

(5) Comments | Posted 28 August 2015 | (12:38)

'Star Wars' fans are already besides themselves with excitement ahead of the franchise's latest installment, due to be released in December after a decade-long hiatus.

As anticipation grows, Disney are drip-feeding footage, clips and photos across social media. And on Thursday night, they dropped the...

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Crap Caravan Listed On EBay For £75,500 'Suitable For Sordid Affairs, Murdering'

(0) Comments | Posted 28 August 2015 | (09:41)

A dodgy caravan listed on eBay for a hefty sum is suitable for "dogging, sordid affairs and murdering," its owner claims.

Lindsay Butcher put the clapped out trailer up for sale after it was bought without her knowledge by her husband Lee.

The caravan had...

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Jeremy Corbyn's Used Coffee Cup Sells To Highest Bidder On eBay, Money Goes To Charity

(0) Comments | Posted 28 August 2015 | (08:30)

A coffee cup left behind at an event by Labour Party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn has been sold by a charity worker on eBay for more than £50.

One of those who chipped in told Sun Nation he'll use the cup to "drink port...

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Frankie Boyle's Labour Party Leadership Opinions Continue To Gain Huge Support

(16) Comments | Posted 28 August 2015 | (07:11)

Frankie Boyle has yet again gained huge support for his potent mix of humour and astute observation of the current state of the Labour Party, with his latest column declaring: "Labour has lost its own internal leadership election".

Writing in Comment Is Free for...

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Fathers Share Their Stories Of Meeting Their Daughters' Boyfriends

(0) Comments | Posted 27 August 2015 | (16:13)

Meeting the parents-in-law can be an awkward, painful experience.

For boyfriends, the pain is heightened by the fact that fathers have been in their shoes.

While this can make for ever-more tense, difficult relationships – it can produce some surprising results.

As contributors to this AskReddit...

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Department For Culture, Media And Sport Issues Poohsticks Advice On Twitter, Swiftly Deletes

(0) Comments | Posted 27 August 2015 | (14:35)

The Department for Culture, Media and Sports issued a series of tweets advising the public on how to play poohsticks safely on Thursday, but deleted them just seconds later.

Poohsticks is a game in which each player throws a stick over the side of a bridge into the...

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'Fit For Work' Figures: 7 People Who Died After Having Their Benefits Taken Away

(29) Comments | Posted 27 August 2015 | (12:14)

On Thursday it was revealed that more than 4,000 people had died within six weeks of being deemed "fit for work".

The figures show that between December 2011 to February 2014, 4,010 people died after being told they should find work following a “Work Capability Assessment”.

Of that...

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Virginia Shootings WDBJ 7 Breakfast Programme Returns To The Air After Journalists' Murder

(0) Comments | Posted 27 August 2015 | (11:14)

The WDBJ 7 Breakfast programme has returned to air after the murders of journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

The broadcast is the first by the morning news team since the incident on Wednesday.

“We come to you this morning with very heavy hearts, two of...

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WhatsApp Unveils Middle-Finger Emoji And Other Changes For Android

(2) Comments | Posted 27 August 2015 | (08:27)

WhatsApp has unveiled a raft of new features for its Android users and one of them is really rather rude.

The middle-finger emoji has been introduced to the app's custom keyboard, meaning users can now respond to texts in exactly the way they would...

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La Tomatina 2015 Sees 20,000 Attendees Have Huge Tomato Fight

(2) Comments | Posted 27 August 2015 | (07:20)

As many as 20,000 people hurled tomatoes at each other at an annual festival in the Bunol district of Valencia, Spain on Wednesday.

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