Georgia LA
Presenter, producer and journalist mostly for new-media start-ups like Telegraph Hill, Vevo and SBTV but also for terrestrial (Virgin Media) and national radio (Radio 1).

First Lady of the online urban music phenomenon SBTV, Georgia joined the team behind the YouTube channel while studying her BA in journalism. She's credited with taking the channel from rap videos to a prime destination for lifestyle programming with an abundance of witty and well researched interviews with everyone from Branson to Bieber. And welcomed lyricists, MP’s and viewers into in the Houses of Parliament to talk millennial politics when she hosted SBTV DB:8.

Fronting documentaries for Radio 1 and 1xtra on everything from gay rappers to unusual ways pop stars make their money, and devisor and co-producer of Google hangouts and Hewlett Packards first ever live streamed show The Fox Problem - nominated for 4 Broadcast Digital Awards. Host for Vevo, the Brits online, private media trainer, brand consultant and reporter other amongst other things.


Entries by Georgia LA

Death and Tech

(1) Comments | Posted 11 November 2013 | (00:06)

Driving back from Glastonbury this year a friend of mine tragically died. I still have texts from hours before he passed, directing me to the exact tree he was sitting next to in the stone circle where he reunited me with my best mate I hadn't seen for a good...

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Glamour in the Clouds?

(0) Comments | Posted 21 October 2013 | (17:42)

There's a reason why fashion catwalks are called runways. And couture doesn't get more advanced than flying glamour pusses and ear-popping averse air stewards looking swaggy despite the altitude.

Ellen Church, a trained nurse became the first ever air stewardess in 1930 after 13 stops on a 20 hour flight....

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12 months of New Possibilities...

(0) Comments | Posted 3 January 2013 | (14:08)

2013. The year we thought we would never reach. If you're reading this the apocalypse probs hasn't hit - wohooo! Fingers crossed the illuminati doesn't take over and you're not reading this posthumously after I popped my clogs by eating too many pigs in blankets, or tequila shots on New...

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The 'Nu' Wave of Festivals...

(0) Comments | Posted 3 September 2012 | (15:25)

It's the time year when spending nights hunched on a deflating air bed seems like the best idea ever, and the inevitability of soggy socks and lack of basic essentials like loo roll won't stand in the way of covering ourselves in glitter and not washing!

Festivals. It's what we...

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Meditation for the Nation...

(2) Comments | Posted 12 June 2012 | (00:00)

So I'm no hemp clad tofu eater who doesn't shave my armpits, and I don't have ambitions to levitate any time soon (well...). But meditation is seriously changing my life right now.

First let's call it mindfulness, not meditation. I was dragged extremely hungover to a head-space event in Hyde...

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Is Girl Power Coming Back....?

(0) Comments | Posted 12 April 2012 | (17:20)

...Is girl power coming back? (The return of unashamed female empowerment, and the lady work still to be done)

No need to reach for the platforms and thigh skimming union jack dresses just yet (although they are still a very strong look - side pony and scrunchy optional), but...

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The Art of a Celebrity Interview: What I've Learnt, and Still Have to Learn About Having a Natter

(1) Comments | Posted 20 March 2012 | (23:00)

Over the past 17 months, I've learnt a lot about how to natter with celebs whilst sticking a microphone under their nose. I've learnt to borrow from what I've picked up in conversations down the pub, the true importance of sticking your eyelashes on properly and even when it's okay...

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