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I'm a Random kind of woman in a Random kind of world so when you read the blog you'll find out all about me, the boy, hubby and Oscar the cat as we stumble about life trying to do the best we can! After my redundancy I started my own business By George! doing copywriting, PR, social media and business blogs. I am also a broadcaster and I am currently researching a book on the late night comedy cabaret scene in 60's London.

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The One With the A Word

(0) Comments | Posted 18 March 2016 | (13:41)

So here's the thing. I haven't blogged properly for a long time because although there have been loads to talk about I haven't known exactly how to say it.

So I just need to plunge in and say it.

The boy has been diagnosed with high functioning autism. High...

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The One With the Little Victories

(3) Comments | Posted 18 July 2015 | (09:25)

In that way people do when they talk about Christmas, when it comes to the first year of school, 'This time next week it'll all be over'.

There's just the school disco, concert, class party, sports gala and bring your own toys in day left. We've had parents evening...

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The One With Paddington Bear

(0) Comments | Posted 27 April 2015 | (16:22)

The boy is obsessed with Paddington. We went to the cinema to see the film and then on holiday recently he spent his pocket money on a toy Paddington bear. He's even developed a taste for marmalade sandwiches.

As a kid I adored Paddington too. I loved the books and...

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The One With Middle Age and Michael Ball

(0) Comments | Posted 20 April 2015 | (10:09)

Apparently 60 is the new 40 and because we are living longer, healthier lives we all have to redefine our ideas on what middle age is.

If you take that piece of wisdom from this weeks newspapers as gospel, then we'll all be living until we're 120. I don't know...

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The One With the Rehearsal

(0) Comments | Posted 19 March 2015 | (21:48)

The other night I went and watched the theatre group I belong to rehearse for their forthcoming production of Fawlty Towers.

I haven't acted since autumn 2013 and although it's not unusual for me to have a break from theatre for a while, this is probably the longest I've been...

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The One With The Made Up Meals

(0) Comments | Posted 18 March 2015 | (13:21)

I've been making up a lot of meals in my head recently.

I can't actually claim to have written any recipes but neither am I following any. It must be something to do with being more right brained than left and not wanting to follow instructions.

If I do make...

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The One With the C Word

(0) Comments | Posted 15 December 2014 | (09:31)

No I'm not going to be really rude and use 'that' word.

I'm talking about Christmas.

This is our first Christmas at school and blimey the admin involved is extraordinary. I must have had at least one letter back home in the book bag everyday since the beginning of December.

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The One With the First Week Back

(0) Comments | Posted 10 November 2014 | (14:40)

I think half term discombobulated the boy.

Don't get me wrong, he loved being at home, seeing both sets of grandparents, trips to the zoo and the park, going bowling with some of his NCT mates, having play dates with Lemon Cake Boy and Vintage Songstress and her lad and...

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The One With Half Term

(0) Comments | Posted 27 October 2014 | (10:39)

So we've made it to half term!

We've had no tears or major tantrums and the boy seems to be enjoying himself. He is however getting tired and I fear the novelty may be wearing off. He keeps asking,

"Where am I going today?"

When I answer "School darling",...

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The One with the Great British Bake Off

(0) Comments | Posted 8 October 2014 | (21:46)

My mate Clementine once suggested that I should apply for The Great British Bake Off.

This was way back when it was still on BBC2 and 3 old ladies and a goat watched it.

Not like it is now. Prime-time BBC1 with millions of people watching and those...

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The One With the Jolly Phonics

(0) Comments | Posted 2 October 2014 | (13:09)

You know in my last blog I said we've all started school? Well we really have!

It would appear that I have to totally re-learn how to read.

For those of you who don't have children, or children at school yet, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of...

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The One Where We Start School

(0) Comments | Posted 18 September 2014 | (20:23)

We've started school.

And yes I do mean we!

We've all started school.

Well that's how it feels, and run with me on this because it's not as selfish as it first appears, this is a massive change for me.

Well of course it's a massive change for the boy....

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The One With the Impressions

(0) Comments | Posted 4 September 2014 | (19:17)

The boy has a knack with voices.

He switches off when he hears mine but otherwise he seems to be developing a talent for accents and impressions.

The performer in me is very proud of the speed at which he can just take someone off. The sensible side of...

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The One With the Transition Meeting

(0) Comments | Posted 5 August 2014 | (18:53)

A week or so ago the boy had the second of his trial mornings at his new school, this time with a packed lunch (the week before it was a proper school dinner - and by proper I mean pizza, chips and spaghetti hoops - an eclectic mix). He loved...

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The One With the Outside and the Summer

(0) Comments | Posted 18 July 2014 | (16:06)

It's bloomin' hot!

Me and hot weather don't get on. And before you all start I know I shouldn't complain because it's lovely to see the sun... blah..blah..blah.. and we don't get enough of it... etc... etc... and we need to make the most of it... but the truth is......

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The One Up the Rec

(0) Comments | Posted 13 July 2014 | (19:03)

On Wednesday me and the boy had a day at home together, which involved nothing more strenuous than a bit of light play-doh work, some CBeebies, making a picture for daddy with glitter glue and pom-poms and endless re-enactments of Thomas the Tank Engine stories.

We did take a break...

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The One Where I've Been Away

(0) Comments | Posted 30 June 2014 | (07:53)

It's been exactly 6 months since I last blogged.

Most remiss of me - I'm sorry. You probably all have forgotten who I am by now.

In that time a lot has happened in the Randomhousehold. Some of it good, some not so great. All of it I will...

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The One With the Mental Health

(0) Comments | Posted 22 October 2013 | (19:17)

When it comes to health I always find there are two topics that send people scuttling away into a corner of embarrassment. One is sexual health and the other is mental!

Mental, mental chicken oriental.

Mental. That's mental! You're mental you are!

Insults hurled across playgrounds, and some places...

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The One With the CCTV and the Gin

(0) Comments | Posted 7 September 2013 | (09:45)

We had no gin in the house. Believe me, this is a crisis beyond belief. So I took the boy off to the supermarket to get some.

He loves a trolley adventure does the boy and we did need other stuff too. Tonic, lemons, ice... no honestly it wasn't just...

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The One with Thomas The Tank Engine and Something Nasty

(0) Comments | Posted 31 August 2013 | (20:08)

As you know potty training has finally gone into full swing here in the Randomhousehold.

The boy has decided he will now do wees' on the potty but, to quote Pirate Pete's potty book, "he's finding doing a poo much harder".

That's ok. We can live with that. It's...

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