Gideon Burrows
Gideon Burrows is the author of a number of books and a keen advocate of independent publishing.

His latest book is Chilli Britain: A Hot & Fruity Adventure.

He is also author of Men Can Do It: the real reason dads don't do childcare and what men and women should do about it and Brain Tumours: Living low grade

Gideon lives in Northern Ireland, owns five bicycles, grows chillies and a maintains a comprehensive, though generally failing, vegetable patch.

He looks forward to sending a mainstream publisher his own rejection slip.

Entries by Gideon Burrows

Three, Two, One... EAT!

(0) Comments | Posted 6 October 2014 | (13:02)

"Come on Daddy, don't do a sick. Come on Daddy, don't do a sick."

It was with this chant from my kids ringing in my ears that I take my place among nine other contestants at a chilli eating competition at a festival during the summer. Hundreds of chill enthusiasts...

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Facing the Facts About Fathers and Childcare

(5) Comments | Posted 25 July 2013 | (00:00)

When it comes to parenting there are our own truths and there are indisputable facts.

Bed time routines, weaning techniques, re-useable or disposable nappies, whether to allow sweets or not; these are our own truths, developed out of the hard slog of simply bringing up children.

The fundamental mistake most...

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Breastfeeding Is More Successful When Dads Are Involved Too

(2) Comments | Posted 20 June 2013 | (00:00)

Gestation and lactation. Those are the only things a mother can do for a baby that fathers cannot. But even breastfeeding needn't be an excuse for men to be excluded - or excuse themselves - from the picture.

From this weekend, a number of NHS Trusts across the UK are...

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This Father's Day Let's Redefine the Meaning of 'Good Dad'

(26) Comments | Posted 11 June 2013 | (00:00)

When researching my book on shared parenting, I turned to the great research assistant in the sky for help and typed the phrase "equal parenting", and various permutations of it, into Google.

I was after academic papers on equal parenting, some statistics perhaps, definitely some first-hand stories...

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Time to Admit That Modern Fatherhood Is a Myth

(85) Comments | Posted 29 May 2013 | (00:00)

If there's one thing you learn very quickly when you spend half of your life looking after your very young children, it's how to tell a story convincingly: how to make unbelievable things like trolls and talking frogs real for your children.

As an equal parent in and out of...

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Both Sexes Are to Blame for Unequal Parenting

(17) Comments | Posted 22 May 2013 | (00:00)

All around us, we are fed the idea that parenting is a woman's job. Mums alone have a special bond with their babies and children that fathers just seem to lack.

In some cases the link made is brazen: shelf-load of magazines about parenting that carry only mum focussed strap...

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Sex and the School-Gate Mum

(2) Comments | Posted 13 December 2012 | (12:11)

It's an old joke, but one I still hear occasionally when men find out I do half the childcare in our family: "Are any of the mums at the school hot?"

When my two were very small and I used to go to new baby clubs, I'd be asked...

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This Pregnancy Is Happening to Him Too

(4) Comments | Posted 5 December 2012 | (08:27)

A pregnancy book we bought ahead of the birth of our first child begins with the heartwarming ancient indian proverb: "At every birth, two people are born - a baby and a mother."

As we enter seven or eight months of closely monitoring the Duchess of Cambridge's progress with her...

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