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The 10 Greatest Art Thefts Of All Time

(5) Comments | Posted 11 May 2012 | (16:46)

Art theft, some might say, is the thinking man's crime.

First: there's the knowledge. The background in art history and antiques dealer-awareness required to pick the right target.

Then: there's the plotting; getting past gallery staff with a six foot canvas is harder than you might think.

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A Day in the Life of a Poll Clerk

(0) Comments | Posted 4 May 2012 | (16:36)

'It says here that you've got a postal vote' I say to the man offering me his polling card. 'Oh yes, I've used it' he smiles back at me. I explain gently that you can't vote twice, and he says 'oh right then, that's absolutely fine', keen to show me...

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Eric Franklin's Glowing Glass Skeleton

(2) Comments | Posted 13 April 2012 | (16:10)

Eric Franklin is no ordinary glass blower. If such a thing exists.

His anatomical study Embodiment consists of hollow glass body shaped sculptures filled with glowing ionized krypton, which in turn makes them glow as if filled with neon light.

His pictures show us a gallery...

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Cubism For Beginners: Jean Christophe Naour's iPad App Brings Cubism To The Masses

(1) Comments | Posted 13 April 2012 | (15:37)

Jean-Christophe Naour might well have created the next Instagram.

He has invented an app for the iPad which allows users to create polygonal versions of an image. Using the app, Poly, users can turn their photos of last night’s dinner or next door’s cat into cubist creations.


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Re-Imagined Disney Posters With An Adult Side

(4) Comments | Posted 12 April 2012 | (17:04)

Most people remember their favourite Disney films with fond memories of their childhoods.

Rowan Stocks-Moore feels this too, but on re-watching noticed a darker side to the old favourites.

He designed new film posters with an adult edge, and the results are just lovely.

Speaking to HuffPost Culture,...

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Andres Amador's Shows Off His Sand Art

(1) Comments | Posted 12 April 2012 | (10:51)

Andres Amador takes street art to another, sandier level - beach art.

Inspired by, among other things, crop circles, he draws geometric or fantastical images in the sand, only to watch them disappear as the tide comes in.

It’s the impermanence that appeals to Amador; he likes the ephemeral...

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Mike Stilkey Gives Books New Life As Art

(0) Comments | Posted 11 April 2012 | (17:30)

Mike Stilkey uses an unusual medium to create his impossibly charming sculptures - books.

Elephants play the piano, peacocks sport school ties and owls keep horses as pets in his dream world, and it all takes place as a story within a story, on the front of a pile...

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Salmon Fishing In Yemen And 8 Other Books That Should Be Films

(7) Comments | Posted 11 April 2012 | (10:49)

As Salmon Fishing In Yemen, the latest celebrated novel to hit the big screen, arrives amid traditional grumbles about how cinema can never do literature justice, we thought we'd come out swinging for celluloid by picking the books we'd love to see put in the hands of filmmakers.

We know,...

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Charlotte Caron Paints Animal Faces Onto Human Bodies

(0) Comments | Posted 10 April 2012 | (15:58)

If Charlotte Caron, a French artist working out of Rennes, asked to take your photo, you might be very flattered.

You might not be so pleased when you saw the result.

She has painted over the faces of colleagues from her art school with animal heads, aiming to...

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Paige Smith's Urban Geode Project Brightens Up LA

(0) Comments | Posted 10 April 2012 | (11:08)

Paige Smith’s Urban Geode project fills up the cracks and decayed spaces of Los Angeles with sparkling paper ‘geodes’, imitations of the crystal formations that occur naturally in volcanic rock.

They are a part of a vibrant street art scene in LA, which mirrors growing popularity for...

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Eggs in Art: Eggs Through the Ages

(0) Comments | Posted 5 April 2012 | (14:37)

Eggs are the beginning of new life, the not-so-Christian focus of Easter, which comes up this weekend.

More importantly, in chocolate form, they have helped people through many a bad moment.

They are inspiring. Over the years, painters have been inspired by the egg too.

We’ve rounded...

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Sharon Johnstone's Dew Drop Photography

(1) Comments | Posted 5 April 2012 | (13:18)

Art is getting bigger. Whether it’s one hundred million sunflower seeds in the Tate Modern, or Damien Hirst’s vitrines, installation art is here to stay.

This is great, but sometimes it’s nice to concentrate on the smaller things in life, which is why we’ve fallen in love with Sharon...

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'Dr. Death' Gunther Von Hagens Turns Animals Inside Out For The Natural History Museum (PICTURES + VIDEO)

(3) Comments | Posted 5 April 2012 | (11:08)

Gunther von Hagens’s Body Worlds has been a long running success, travelling around the world to huge acclaim and crowds.

The exhibition features skinless bodies caught in various moments of human behaviour - taking part in sport, smoking and even having sex. The aim, according to the creator, is...

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Vanity In Literature

(3) Comments | Posted 4 April 2012 | (16:57)

Samantha Brick's recent 'confession' that women hate her because she's pretty has been attracting a lot of (mostly negative) attention this week.

Twitter has had one of its periodic tantrums, journalists and bloggers have flocked to respond and even the news has reported on what appears to...

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David Copithorne's 3D Photos Distort Brazilian Landscapes

(0) Comments | Posted 3 April 2012 | (15:52)

Most people would say that photographs of technicolour Brazilian sunsets were impressive enough, but straightforward holiday snaps are not for up-and-coming photographer David Copithorne, whose 3D Geometric photography adds in distorting effects to his backdrops.

The result allows a fresh look at an often hackneyed holiday image.

Copithorne says,...

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Damien Hirst vs His Critics: Reviews Round Up

(2) Comments | Posted 3 April 2012 | (11:13)

Damien Hirst, the original Young British Artist, stages a retrospective at the Tate Modern from the 4th April – 9th September, featuring the infamous classics: dead animals, dots and even live butterflies.

It opens as critic Julian Spalding encourages owners of Hirst’s artworks to sell up as soon as...

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Nostalgia is Taking Over Our Culture

(1) Comments | Posted 12 March 2012 | (12:02)

Everyone gets nostalgic sometimes. Whether it's because it's raining outside and you can't imagine summer ever coming again, or just because everything seems more difficult now you're no longer five-years-old, it happens to us all. Like the permanent feeling that anything we're not doing is far better than what we...

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