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Harry Cockburn is a journalist, blogger and cultural commentator living in London. He has been published widely, including in the Guardian and New Statesman. Visit his blog here: www.blithediary.blogspot.com

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The Call of the Pub Crawl: Trepidation and Intemperance in East London

(0) Comments | Posted 10 January 2015 | (13:38)

It was 7pm on a Saturday night in east London. A full moon surfed the smog, and splatters of steaming vomit decorated the pavements and litter-strewn corners of Hoxton Square.

The air was freezing, but I was wrapped up warm - too warm in fact. This was because I...

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Film Junkies Rejoice, Underground Film Club Can Make You a Star Too

(0) Comments | Posted 9 November 2014 | (20:02)

I got off my bike in Lower Marsh. It was dark and drizzling. At the entrance to a side street a man with a hood up against the weather pointed me towards a railway arch. As I approached I could just make it out through the gloom.

I locked...

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Why I Regret Giving Up Drinking for January

(1) Comments | Posted 28 January 2013 | (23:11)

I once spent two weeks working in the dust of mid-west France rebuilding dry-stone walls in a small village called Bagneaux.

I arrived on my own, watched the TGV shimmer away in the evening heat and crossed the station car park to a small bar opposite. I had a...

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Why Cycling to Work Should Be Your Number One New Year's Resolution

(11) Comments | Posted 4 January 2013 | (23:00)

Getting other people to cycle is something that all cyclists do - even if they are unconscious of it. Just being out and about on a bike can inspire friends and colleagues to sling a leg over the dusty beast in the garage and hit the road.

Some cyclists...

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Stephen Fry and Co. on the Life, Loves and Hates of Christopher Hitchens

(13) Comments | Posted 10 November 2011 | (10:22)

I discovered Christopher Hitchens last year. I was living in a bedsit in Brighton studying for my master's degree, and happened upon an article in the paper written by Martin Amis.

It was a terrific piece of writing, hilariously written, and convinced me to purchase books by both authors....

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