Harry Deansway
Harry Deansway is a writer, director, performer, producer, promoter, venue owner and whatever else you want him to be for the right fee. Renaissance man. Impresario. Bit of a twat. Just some of the words he has used to describe himself in this bio. Harry has worked in the comedy industry for eight years and in that time has published and edited the UK’s longest running nationally distributed comedy magazine The Fix, been the comedy editor for the Guardian Guide, directed several sell out critically acclaimed shows and got himself into thousands of pounds worth of debt and fallen out with all his family members and friends in the process.

His most recent projects include setting up the online comedy site Raybot.tv and full time comedy club Deansways. Empirical evidence and recent bank statements suggest he is wasting his time with the whole comedy thing. He doesn’t know why he has written this bio in the third person.

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The First Great Web-Series?

(0) Comments | Posted 8 November 2013 | (11:28)

I watch a lot of TV. Well I used to watch a lot of TV. Now I watch a lot of TV to watch some TV,flipping through channels endlessly looking for something to watch. I look for something to watch the same way people look for Bigfoot. They glimpse a blurry thin bear, I glimpse the flicker of an engaging character. They think they see a monsters hand on a tree like I think I see a gripping storyline. But like them I never find what I'm looking for.

The internet was supposed to revolutionise TV, well if there has been a revolution it certainly hasn't been televised (or internetised?). For the main Youtube is cat videos, vloggers and viral music videos. Netflix and that bunch are TV on a computer. Why hasn't there been a great web-series that utilises the youtube format that people want to tune into every week with a narrative arc, strong characters and storylines? (editors note what about Mid Morning Matters?) (editors note You can't do an editors note if you have written the piece and are the editor) (editors note thanks) Maybe it's a money thing, it's just not worth the time. Why would the best writers leave the big bucks of TV and movies to come and write a web-series?

I'm certainly not one of the best writers but I have written (and directed) a new web-series that launched today. Why should you watch it? One it's been made with a lot of love and commitment, everyone has given their time for free as they believe in the project so it would be great to repay that with some views. Two the show not only utilizes the youtube format in a way I have not seen before but it also showcases some wonderful comic voices who have yet to find consistent mainstream success. It would be great if as many people as possible saw some of their excellent work

We have no budget to pay for a big marketing campaign to convince you it's good, we are not using expensive PR's to grease reviewers palms so do give the show a watch, there will be a new episode every Wednesday. Like any good series it's going to take a couple of episodes to get into it, so hopefully you'll stick with it. And if you really like it share it and give it a like. Hopefully unlike Bigfoot lots of you will actually see...

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Open Letter To Russell Brand

(2) Comments | Posted 4 November 2013 | (14:59)

Dear Russell

I am writing this letter to you following your recent interview to promote your tour on Newsnight.

I agree some things need changing as society does feel rather unfair for a lot of people. As mentioned in your New Statesman piece, in the issue you edited,...

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I Won 'Breaking Bad'

(0) Comments | Posted 7 October 2013 | (12:49)

So I won at watching Breaking Bad. A lot of you are thinking it wasn't a competition, well turns out it was. Who watched Breaking Bad the best? It was me.

I watched the final episode at 9AM Monday morning on Netflix making me if not...

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My Edinburgh in Facebook Status Updates

(0) Comments | Posted 29 August 2013 | (16:55)

Wrong Way, my debut Edinburgh show, took place every day at 18:00 in a blow up igloo in the kids' zone of the Pleasance Courtyard. Here is how that played out for me.

Edinburgh Show: Day 1
During blackout, got off the stage and got my foot caught between...

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Top Five Worst Comedians at the Fringe

(4) Comments | Posted 12 August 2013 | (00:00)

You know what we need? Another list of acts' favourite comedians. More comedians need to tag comedians in posts, retweet each other's tweets and go to each other's shows. Also we need more cliques in comedy. It's getting so bad that last week I saw one comedian telling a reviewer...

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Stewart Lee Is the Biggest Threat to the Edinburgh Fringe

(0) Comments | Posted 27 July 2013 | (08:59)

It wouldn't be Edinburgh without Harry Deansway writing an article that gets the whole industry talking. Last year it was the BBC syphoning off tickets from the Fringe with their atmosphereless marquee filled with free comedy and backed by thousands of pounds of marketing money. What could...

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The Job Market

(0) Comments | Posted 30 May 2013 | (16:23)

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

So two months ago I decided it's finally time I got a "real job" I've had a crack at show biz and it just hasn't worked out. Time to get...

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Yellow Card a Show About Football, Sort Of...

(0) Comments | Posted 4 February 2013 | (16:08)

Football "the beautiful game." "A game of two halves." "A funny old game." Just a few of the things people have said about it over the years. For those of you who haven't heard of it football or "soccer" is one of the most popular games in the world, so...

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(0) Comments | Posted 3 January 2013 | (11:28)

The following letter was sent to a mystery pub in North London following an inedible lunch, I am still waiting for a reply


I am writing to complain about a lunch I had in your lovely pub the other day. First of all let me say what a...

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Exit The Mainframe, Why I've Turned Off And Tuned Out Of Facebook

(0) Comments | Posted 31 October 2012 | (23:56)

So Last week I pulled a big lever that deactivated my personal Facebook account. I took the red pill and unplugged myself from the matrix. Sure I'm going to miss staring vacantly at my news feed eight hours a day as amusing pictures of cats and unamusing pictures of peoples...

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Brody: Portrait of a Stand-Up Comedian

(0) Comments | Posted 26 September 2012 | (11:30)

All comedians are mad, it's a prerequisite for the job however no act quite wears it on their sleeve like Steven Brody Stevenson in the Zach Galifianakis produced Brody on HBO. A reality show with a difference Brody is an aspiring LA comedian who is loved by the great and...

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Slave Songs and Signing on: Exploring the Career Opportunities Open to an Under Qualified Over the Top Freelancer

(4) Comments | Posted 19 September 2012 | (11:01)

Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.


Following another one of my famous difference of opinions (I've yet to meet anyone who has the same opinion on anything as me in business) I have finally found myself...

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The Moon, Giant Leap for Mankind or Intergalactic Service Station Site?

(0) Comments | Posted 31 August 2012 | (13:11)

Unless you were living on the moon you will of heard last week that Neil Armstrong died. Unless you've been living on the moon you will know that no one is living on the moon. Neil Armstrong is dead. Since that momentous day in 1969 we have barely been back,...

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The BBC: The Real Threat To The Fringe

(2) Comments | Posted 15 August 2012 | (15:13)

With audience numbers down and the increasing commercialization of the Fringe Harry Deasway reckons the last thing we need is a BBC funded Edinburgh venue.

After reading one of our greatest living Stand Up comedians Stewart Lee's now yearly mawkish piece for the Guardian about the commercialization of...

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