Ian Hunt
Ian Hunt is Managing Director of the independent schools specialists Gabbitas, providing advice to parents around the world. He began his career in education at Millfield School, undertaking many roles including Senior Tutor and Senior Housemaster, where he ran three different houses. In 2004, he was appointed Senior Deputy Headmaster at Wellingborough School, Northamptonshire and in 2008, he moved on to become Warden (Headmaster) of Llandovery College where he successfully raised both pupil numbers and academic performance. Ian has also been MD of his own sports education company, organising events at all the major indoor arenas in the UK and working with organisations such as Nike, Channel 4 and the NBA.

Entries by Ian Hunt

Wounded by D-Day? What's Wrong with Paying for the Education you Want?

(0) Comments | Posted 17 March 2015 | (11:40)

It has been well documented in the press in recent weeks that schools' 'D-Day' in schools; the time when families found out whether they had managed to get their children into their first choice school has been a traumatic and often disappointing experience for many parents.

It is an education...

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Why Schools and Parents Might Need a Pre-Nup

(0) Comments | Posted 17 January 2014 | (14:41)

More parents are insisting schools get the very best results for their children; they don't just want a service that provides the opportunity for learning but one that can deliver a transformational experience for their child.

The recent book 'Heads Up' points in particular to the rise of foreign billionaires...

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Stop Blaming Private Tutors

(0) Comments | Posted 6 December 2013 | (10:27)

There has been a lot of press coverage recently for independent school Heads speaking out against private tutors. The language is coded in terms of an industry of hangers-on, opportunists, as if tutoring firms were simply taking advantage of middle-class foibles, creating extra work, distraction and pressure for their pupils.

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Should Children Have a Fast-Track Education From Birth?

(0) Comments | Posted 14 December 2012 | (10:06)

Parents in China are now signing up tutors to work with children from birth to age three to help give them a head-start in their education. The early years have been identified by researchers as the weak link in modern education systems, with funding going into formal primary, secondary and...

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Why We Need Olympic-Style Maths Academies

(1) Comments | Posted 30 August 2012 | (09:25)

Maths in UK schools is in a dire state say experts, pointing in particular to the skills gap that has opened up between our own young people and students coming into our schools and universities from the Far East who do possess the skills in abundance.

So what to do?...

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