Jaime Blasco
His reputation goes before him, ask anyone about Jaime and they’ll say he’s the man you want on your side when it comes to a hack – the Sherlock Holmes of the Internet. At AlienVault he manages the Lab and runs the Vulnerability Research Team. Prior to working in the AlienVault lab he founded a couple of startups (Eazel, Aitsec) working on web application security, source code analysis and incident response. Jaime background stems from a number of years working in vulnerability management, malware analysis and security researching. When he’s not hunting down the bad guys and alerting the good ones, he’s often a guest speaker or lecturer at hacking conferences such as Rooted Con, OWASP and advising the government on emerging threats. Recently he ran a Cyber Warfare conference for the Head of Defence in Spain demonstrating attacks in real time and showing how to defend against them. He’s also a regular contributor to Hakin9 and InSecure magazine. Jaime also advises government on emerging threats.

Entries by Jaime Blasco

Incident Response: Finding the Needle in the Haystack

(0) Comments | Posted 6 February 2014 | (11:27)

Organisations are bombarded with potential threats every day. Most of these are small and irritating, not truly critical--but among those needles are little threads of larger actions at work. An incident response programme enables you to pull out the needles that make up the haystack of the big picture.

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The Lazy Attacker: Not So Different From Your Average Criminal

(0) Comments | Posted 18 July 2013 | (16:14)

Most cyber attackers are likely to use the easiest route in. They're lazy. No different from your run-of-the-mill hijacker who will gladly steal the car of someone who leaves the keys in it. In the case of the cyber criminal, he will of course test the 'lowest common denominator' method...

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Is That a Phone in Your Pocket or a Secret Assassin?

(0) Comments | Posted 29 March 2012 | (00:00)

The mobile phone is unrecognisable in comparison to its original 'brick' form of the '80s.

Instead of a 'yuppie' status symbol, now it's considered by many as a necessity with practically every handbag and pocket hiding these modern miracles of technology. As our handsets become more than just a...

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