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The Ashes: 'Life Was Sweet, Like a Michael Vaughan Cover Drive and Unlike a Shane Warne Text'

(0) Comments | Posted 15 July 2013 | (19:09)

I got into a discussion/argument/fracas with a chap at a social gathering recently. He was loudly denouncing cricket as boring and all that other guff that savage brutes of his ilk always bang on about. He was whining about the summer being a dead loss as there was no major...

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Locomotion Commotion! The Saga of High Speed Rail

(0) Comments | Posted 5 February 2013 | (12:46)

The news last week about a proposed high speed rail link in the UK resulted in numerous bulletins containing reports from middle England that were all seemingly variants on a theme:

A reporter in a outdoorsy jacket grunts noises to camera in a village hall somewhere whilst in...

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'A Whole Lotta... Wrong?' - The Troubled Relationship Between Music And Politics

(3) Comments | Posted 24 January 2013 | (23:00)

Much like those of Ike and Tina, Sid and Nancy and, err... the members of Bucks Fizz, the relationship betwixt music and politics seldom runs smooth. This has been made ever plainer to see in the past few weeks. First, owl haired guitar guru Johnny Marr...

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The Good, the Bad and the (Sn)ugly: A Guide to All Things Pub

(0) Comments | Posted 28 November 2012 | (19:02)

The cold and increasingly long winter nights are drawing in and Christmas is loitering on the not too distant horizon like a giant festive iceberg. This makes it the ideal time of year to take refuge in a warm pub with friends, family, loved ones, strangers, colleagues and people you...

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Mr Movember- A Guide to Top Lip Based Japery

(2) Comments | Posted 21 November 2012 | (23:00)

'Movember' is now well underway. For the uninitiated amongst you or for those who think I made a typical spelling mistake with the first word, take heed.

'Movember' is a month long campaign whereby chaps/men folk/blokes/lads (delete as applicable) sport facial hair on their upper lip in order to...

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