Jane Maier
Jane Maier is a freelance TV and Film make-up artist and make-up lecturer. Her make-up career has been hugely varied. She has recently finished work on Brad Pitt’s upcoming film World War Z, is currently working on a new advertising campaign for Anchor butter and her next TV project will be working on a special episode of Jonathan Creek.

As a relative newcomer to the world of spectacle wearers, Jane fully appreciates the challenge of wearing glasses and looking good. Even though she prefers a natural look for herself, she always wears make-up as she is convinced that clever, subtle use of cosmetics can enhance anyone’s face.

As well as being a makeup artist, Jane works with online spectacle retailers, SpeckyFourEyes.com to consult customers on how to enhance your face as a glasses wearer.

Blog Entries by Jane Maier

Frames That Suit Your Face Shape

(0) Comments | Posted 5 December 2012 | (10:45)

When choosing your spectacles, the frame size should be in scale with your face size - don't go for large frames if you have a petite face or smaller frame if your face is wider.

The frame shape should contrast with your face shape and there's an easy way to...

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