Javed Khan
Javed Khan has twenty eight years’ experience in the UK public and voluntary sectors, and has developed a track record of successfully managing change through key high profile leadership roles.

Javed joined the leading children’s charity Barnardo’s in May 2014 as Chief Executive. Barnardo’s runs over 900 services in local communities, including support for children who have been sexually exploited, young people leaving the care system, children with a parent in prison and families struggling to cope. Barnardo’s also finds loving adoptive homes and foster placements for children in care. Last year it helped transform the lives of more than 200,000 of the UK’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families. Many more were helped by campaigning to change policy and public opinion.

Previously Javed was CEO at Victim Support which helps over a million victims and witnesses each year, having 600 sites across England and Wales. Under Javed’s leadership the charity successfully managed significant change where it restructured itself; embraced major financial challenges; raised its public and political profile; generated new business opportunities, and was recognised in major awards including short lists for Charity of the Year, Best Campaign of the Year, Best Partnership Initiative and the Queen’s Jubilee Award.

Entries by Javed Khan

There Is No Quick Fix for Child Sexual Exploitation

(2) Comments | Posted 18 February 2015 | (08:51)

Recent weeks have given us a sobering reminder of the dreadful impact of child sexual exploitation. The further revelations regarding Rotherham coupled with the announcements of new investigations in Manchester, Halifax and Essex, reinforce the belief that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of this emerging national blight.

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It's Vital That Young People Sign Up to Vote

(0) Comments | Posted 5 February 2015 | (15:53)

Today is National Voter Registration Day - #NRVD - a nationwide push to get people of voting age onto the electoral roll before the cut-off date of April 20th. Barnardo's is supporting it because it is arguably young people who stand to gain the most from this drive....

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Plunging Adoption Figures a Wake-up Call for All in Children's Care Sector

(6) Comments | Posted 20 November 2014 | (23:00)

Last week's news about plunging adoption placements should act as a wake-up call for the children's care sector.

During the last decade, authorities and agencies across the country have found it increasingly hard to find permanent, loving families for children in care in a timely way. The government's plan...

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Every Child Deserves a Loving Family

(1) Comments | Posted 2 November 2014 | (23:00)

At Barnardo's we believe that every child has the right to grow up in a safe, secure and loving home. This especially applies to children who are taken into care because their parents are unable or unwilling to look after them.

We strongly believe it doesn't have...

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Where Are All the Men?

(3) Comments | Posted 24 September 2014 | (00:00)

On Monday I celebrated fathers day. A day when I spoke about the importance of dads at a Barnardo's Labour Party Conference fringe event. With me were David Lammy MP, the Royal College of Midwives and speakers from Working with Men, Mumsnet and members of the audience - all flying...

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Join Us in Celebrating Childrens' Achievements

(0) Comments | Posted 17 September 2014 | (00:00)

At Barnardo's we exist to help the most vulnerable children in our society. Young people, who through no fault of their own, have endured unimaginable hardships. These children lack the simple love and support you give your own children, or what you experienced growing up.

Last week we launched our...

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Our Paramount Concern Must Always Be the Welfare of Vulnerable Children

(11) Comments | Posted 28 August 2014 | (00:00)

Revelations of widespread and brutal child sexual exploitation in Rotherham have rightly shocked the nation. Across South Yorkshire, ruthless sexual predators have hunted out children, mercilessly groomed them, trafficked them from place to place and terrorised them into silence. An estimated 1,400 children, some as young as 11,...

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We Must Do All We Can to Speed Up the Adoption Process

(3) Comments | Posted 4 August 2014 | (00:00)

In my eyes adopting a child is one of the most amazing things someone can ever do. To give a child a loving and stable family life is a gift beyond compare.

For England's 6,000 children hoping to be adopted, every day is a desperate wait. Another...

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'Home Is Where the Hurt Is' for Care Leavers at Risk of Homelessness

(1) Comments | Posted 4 July 2014 | (00:00)

The world can feel like a scary place for any young person striding out on their own for the first time. Thrust into a world of greatly increased responsibility, the transition to adulthood is a challenging time.

For most young people there is a support network to help them...

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Young People Risk Starting Their Adult Lives With No Experience of the World of Work

(5) Comments | Posted 30 June 2014 | (00:00)

It's a shocking fact that just under one million young people are not in work, education or training in the UK today. That's about one in six of all 16 to 24-year-olds. Of these, a third have been out of work and claiming Job Seekers Allowance for more...

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The Difference Dads Make

(0) Comments | Posted 14 June 2014 | (00:00)

As I gather with my family to celebrate Fathers' Day this Sunday, I will do so with a renewed appreciation of the importance of my role as a dad following my first six weeks as the Chief Executive of the UK's largest children's charity.

Over the last...

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Trafficked Children Need Us to Advocate For Them

(2) Comments | Posted 7 June 2014 | (00:00)

It is extraordinary to think that slavery of any kind still exists in the modern world. For many slavery is a remnant of a bygone era; an unpleasant and unrepeatable portion of human history. So it's shocking when you learn that slavery not only still exists but is happening across...

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Celebrating the Value of Volunteering for All

(0) Comments | Posted 2 June 2014 | (17:24)

This is the start of National Volunteer's Week and an opportunity for all of us in the charity sector to celebrate the incredible, dedicated work done by volunteers, who give their time so freely and generously to help our causes.

Barnardo's currently has more than 15,000 volunteers throughout the UK,...

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Barnardo's Calls for Action for Children of Prisoners Consigned to Shadows

(6) Comments | Posted 29 May 2014 | (00:00)

If there is one thing that has always defined Barnardo's, it is that our purpose as a charity is to help the most vulnerable children and young people in UK society. We speak up for those who have no voice; those who society has forgotten and those who...

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Why Fostering Can't Become Adoption's Poor Relation

(0) Comments | Posted 21 May 2014 | (00:00)

Childhood is a very special time, filled with moments we never forget and memories that will live with us forever. Whether it's the smell of chlorine from weekend trips to the swimming pool, the sound of the school bell announcing break-time is over or the painful sting of a grazed...

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Why I'm Committed to Helping the Most Vulnerable Children

(0) Comments | Posted 1 May 2014 | (00:19)

Taking on the leadership of any organisation is a big responsibility. When that organisation is the UK's largest children's charity and has been part of British society for nearly 150 years, the sense of duty is all the greater.

Today as I start my new role as the chief...

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Actions and Consequences: How Restorative Justice Can Help Victims Move On

(0) Comments | Posted 20 November 2013 | (10:31)

If you were a victim of crime, would you want to meet the offender?

What would you say to them?

A burglary victim might, for example, want to talk about the inconvenience, the hassle of sorting out the mess and replacing what has been...

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Human Trafficking: It's What We Don't Know That Is Most Disturbing

(6) Comments | Posted 30 October 2013 | (23:00)

When you're dealing with victims of crime it can sometimes be what you don't know that's most disturbing.

How many more of them are out there?

What are the signs that we missed?

Are we spotting others before it's too late?

Nobody could have failed to be affected by the...

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Restorative Justice: Is the Message Getting Through?

(6) Comments | Posted 21 September 2013 | (00:00)

It's funny how you find out that you're winning the argument.

I was watching EastEnders when I realised attitudes towards restorative justice were really shifting.

The episode showed Kat Moon meeting Ronnie Mitchell - the woman who had stolen Kat's baby - at the prison gates.

It was an intense...

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Public Trust Is Precious - And Only Earned Over Time

(0) Comments | Posted 31 July 2013 | (00:00)

Reform of the criminal justice system has been kicked about by successive governments in almost symbolic celebration of their commitment to improve key public services.

Few can argue that the current coalition government's plans aren't radical though many commentators are right to sound some caution.

Handing over the keys to...

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