Jenny Simpson
Since studying Journalism I have specialised in producing online content, having spent the last six years managing online news and PR for a wide range of clients while working at two leading search marketing agencies.

Now working as a freelance writer, I'm available to hire to write about a wide range of subjects, you can find out more at my personal blog

In my "real life" I love finding things that make me laugh on the telly, have a passion for classic films & film stars and I am enjoying being a newbie gardener.
I've become a fan of Pinterest recently, which I use as an outlet for testing my design skills, mostly making pop art inspired graphics.

Entries by Jenny Simpson

Five Persistent Theories About the New Doctor Who Companion

(1) Comments | Posted 23 March 2012 | (15:17)

1) She is the Rani
This old chestnut always comes up... the Rani was a Time Lady played by Kate O'Mara back in the 80s. Many people want to see the Rani character given another chance, thinking she was a victim of being in the wrong time and the...

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Apprentice 2012: Sterling Women or Squabbling Schoolgirls?

(2) Comments | Posted 22 March 2012 | (11:38)

The most used clip from the opening episode of The Apprentice 2012 will probably be of Lord Sugar visibly wincing as Bilyana sealed her fate by going on and on about her "sob story" and hilariously citing her experience as Head Girl - echoes of "I've got a scholarship for...

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