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Jessica Elgot is Assistant News Editor at The Huffington Post UK, with a special interest in immigration, religion and extremism. She won the Wyn Harness Prize for Journalism in 2011. Previously, Jessica was a Senior Reporter for the Jewish Chronicle, the UK's oldest Jewish news paper and also reported for the Independent and i Paper. She continues to make regular appearances on BBC 5Live. She is an English Literature graduate of University of Nottingham and completed a Postgraduate degree at the University of Cardiff. Jessica can be reached at or on Twitter @jessicaelgot.

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China's Implements Of Torture Are Being Traded At British Arms Fairs

(0) Comments | Posted 23 September 2014 | (13:06)

Cruel instruments of torture manufactured in China, including electric shock wands and neck-and-wrist cuffs have been advertised and sold at UK arms fairs and then sold to the world's most brutal regimes, a damning report has revealed.

In fact, the UK routinely hosts arms fairs where torture equipment is advertised,...

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David Cameron To Meet Iran's Hassan Rouhani To Secure Iran Backing For IS Action

(7) Comments | Posted 23 September 2014 | (09:04)

David Cameron and Iran's president will meet for the fist time in decades in New York later, as Britain bids to gain support from the hostile nation to join an international effort to tackle the Islamic State terror group, and to persuade him to drop support for the Assad regime.

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TfL 'Bars' Adverts From Zionist Group Comparing Hamas To ISIS

(50) Comments | Posted 22 September 2014 | (15:06)

Transport for London has reportedly refused to run adverts from a British Zionist group which compared the Gaza Strip's Hamas to the Islamic State because they are "too political".

The Zionist Federation (ZF) planned a £12,000 campaign for London billboards and transport in the aftermath of the Israeli-Gaza conflict.


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Labour Conference 2014 - Poverty Campaigners Call For 'Re-Think' After Balls Speech On Keeping Child Benefit Cap

(47) Comments | Posted 22 September 2014 | (14:31)

Do you trust the man who could hold the Treasury's red briefcase aloft after next year's general election?

Trust was at the core of shadow chancellor's Ed Balls Labour conference speech, aimed at tackling the distinct lack of voter confidence in Labour's economic credentials.

But it was a...

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Labour Conference 2014: Dave Was An 'Idiot Abroad' And It Cost Us In Brussels, Says EU Labour Party Leader

(37) Comments | Posted 22 September 2014 | (14:12)

David Cameron made the UK a laughing stock by acting like a typical English 'idiot abroad' in Brussels, attempting to block the appointment of the EU President, Labour's leader at the EU has told the party's conference.

Labour's leader in the European Parliament, Glenis Willmott MEP said the PM's "tantrums"...

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This Tel Aviv Gay Club Night Poster Actually Mocked Up An IS Beheading With Male Models

(10) Comments | Posted 22 September 2014 | (11:22)

A popular gay club night has sparked both anger and confusion after mocking up images of Islamic State beheadings of western captives using buff male models, for an advertising campaign.

Drek, one of the biggest gay clubbing promoters in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, has refused to apologise for...

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Archbishop Of Canterbury Joins Jewish And Muslim Faith Leaders To Declare #WeAreAllHuman

(62) Comments | Posted 3 September 2014 | (14:23)

The Archbishop of Canterbury has joined senior Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders from across the country for an inter-faith vigil to "stand together" in support of all minorities suffering in Iraq.

Justin Welby, along with senior faith leaders including Imam Ibrahim Mogra, Ayatollah Dr Sayed Fazel Milani and Rabbi...

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'This Diet And Fitness Wedding Plan Made Me The Slimmest I've Been Since I Was 18'

(10) Comments | Posted 2 September 2014 | (21:56)

I am what someone would probably kindly describe as a fad dieter. At school, I actually did the Special K diet, a diet that works purely on the basis that if you have to eat tasteless cereal twice a day, you probably would rather eat nothing at all....

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The Islamic State Are Committing Ethnic Cleansing On A 'Historic Scale', Says Amnesty

(101) Comments | Posted 2 September 2014 | (12:14)

Survivors have told how Islamic State militants are committing ethnic cleansing on a "historic scale" and threatened to wipe Iraq's ancient minorities off the map forever, according to a new report from Amnesty International.

The tales of bloodshed, torture and intimidation from survivors are limitless. Some described to the charity...

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The Lives Of The British Jihadi Women Who Have Left To Fight With Islamic State

(156) Comments | Posted 2 September 2014 | (10:45)

Women are the new target for recruitment for the Islamic State (IS), with researchers seeing "unprecedented" calls for fighters to marry British and European women.

The women, some just teenagers, are bombarding IS fighters with marriage proposals during social media 'Q&As' and researchers estimate as many as 50, most of...

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Russia Accused Of Starting 'Great War' That Could Cost Tens Of Thousands Of Lives

(59) Comments | Posted 2 September 2014 | (08:46)

Cuba's aging former leader Fidel Castro has accused the West of war-mongering in the Middle East and eastern Europe, comparing Nato to the Nazi SS.

The intervention from the now retired communist leader, seemingly in defence of the pro-Russia factions in Ukraine, comes as that country's defence minister accused Russia...

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Vladimir Putin: 'I Can Take Kiev In Two Weeks If I Want'

(415) Comments | Posted 1 September 2014 | (14:25)

Vladimir Putin has boasted that he could take the Ukrainian capital Kiev in "two weeks", according to reports of a telephone conversation between Russia's president and the outgoing European commissioner.

Putin, who has repeated his categorical denial that Russian troops are in Ukraine, despite evidence to the contrary...

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How Brown Moses Lifts The Lid On The World's Biggest Stories From His Leicester Living Room

(30) Comments | Posted 28 August 2014 | (13:55)

For most people who caught a glimpse of the harrowing video where journalist James Foley knelt on a barren, windswept hill next to the Islamic State militant who would behead him, the landscape looked bleak and anonymous.

With no buildings or trees at first glance and a backdrop of just...

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Steven Sotloff's Mother Begs Islamic State 'Caliph' To Free Her Son

(5) Comments | Posted 28 August 2014 | (13:28)

The mother of a TIME journalist whose life was been threatened by his Islamic State captives has made a heartwrenching plea for her son's return.

Steven Sotloff, who had freelanced for a number of publications, was shown on camera during the beheading of James Foley, with a warning he would...

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Immigration Rise Means Targets 'Should Be Put Out Of Their Misery'

(89) Comments | Posted 28 August 2014 | (11:41)

David Cameron's dogged attempts to slash net migration have been dealt another blow as official figures revealed that figure rose to 243,000 in the year to March, a "statistically significant increase".

The new Office of National Statistics figures suggest the government should now drop their "now meaningless" pledge to reduce...

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Muslims And Jews Issue Unprecedented Joint Call For Peace In Middle East, And In Britain

(102) Comments | Posted 28 August 2014 | (08:40)

Britain's most senior Jewish and Muslim representatives have issued an unprecedented joint call for peace in the Middle East and harmony amongst the UK's religious communities.

The statement itself, issued by the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD), and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), did not come together...

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This Is Everything We Know About Where In Syria IS Beheaded James Foley

(22) Comments | Posted 25 August 2014 | (12:11)

A video and photo analyst from Leicester believes he has pinpointed the exact location of the beheading of journalist James Foley, based on exhaustive analysis of the background in the gruesome video posted by Islamic State jihadists.

Eliot Higgins, who recently successfully crowdfunded citizen and investigative journalism site...

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US Journalist Peter Theo Curtis, Held Captive In Syria, Is Released By Jabhat al-Nusra Militants

(6) Comments | Posted 24 August 2014 | (21:32)

American journalist Peter Theo Curtis has been released after two years in captivity in Syria, US Secretary of State John Kerry has confirmed.

Curtis, from Boston, Massachusetts, was held by the Islamist group Jabhat al-Nusra, or Nusra Front, according to Al Jazeera. He was apparently kidnapped from Antakya,...

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Who Is The Hip Hop Jihadi Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, Linked With James Foley's Murder? Here's 9 Things We Know

(57) Comments | Posted 24 August 2014 | (17:44)

A rapper from west London is a key suspect linked with the murder of US journalist James Foley by Islamic State radicals in Iraq.

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary left his home in Maida Vale to fight with IS in Syria, and has previously posted a picture of himself apparently holding aloft...

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Boko Haram Just Declared A 'Caliphate' In Nigeria, The Second One This Summer

(183) Comments | Posted 24 August 2014 | (15:54)

Nigeria's Boko Haram have become the second Islamist militant group in just two months to declare a "caliphate", in a video message from its leader.

The news agency AFP obtained a video shot in the northeast Nigerian town of Gwoza, in Borno state, which shows leader Abubakar Shekau

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