Jilly Forster
Jilly Forster is Founder and CEO of Forster Communications a campaigning communications agency. With over 30 years' marketing and brand communications experience across the corporate, social enterprise and consumer arenas, Jilly has her own understanding of the issues and attitudes that drive change.

She has a reputation for challenging conventions, changing behaviour and turning positive thinking into influential reality. She has worked with organisations including The Body Shop, The Big Issue, Amnesty International, National Trust and Jamie Oliver Foundation and run international campaigns on issues as diverse as ethical trading, waste minimisation, domestic violence and human rights. Jilly is the big thinker with a business head and is committed to nurturing client appetites for innovation, collaboration and adventure.

Entries by Jilly Forster

Watch Your Language to Reap the Business Benefits

(0) Comments | Posted 15 July 2016 | (12:32)

An age-shift is underway in society. People are living longer but we haven't yet fully woken up to the value of older adults. Just check out the language often used to talk to or about older people - demeaning and diminishing words and phrases that reinforce ignorance and institutional ageist...

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Combatting Ageism, Fear and Loathing in Brexit Britai

(0) Comments | Posted 4 July 2016 | (16:03)

For many years ageist attitudes and behaviours have gone unchallenged in the UK. With Brexit deepening the generational divide and triggering an outpouring of ageist vitriol, the need to tackle age discrimination is now more urgent than ever before.

As we grapple with the ramifications of the EU Referendum...

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Ambivalence Avenue Is an Undesirable Address

(0) Comments | Posted 2 September 2015 | (17:28)

When austerity-focused government chooses to leave increasingly demanding social issues to charities, there is an opportunity for mainstream businesses to collaborate and make a real difference.

Far from a pipe dream, this assertion is supported by evidence from two recent polls conducted by Forster Communications.

We asked...

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Work on and Live With Purpose

(0) Comments | Posted 6 May 2015 | (10:30)

The good news - we're living longer.

The challenge - we haven't updated the way we think about our working careers and 'retirement'. You simply can't finance a 30 year retirement with a 40 year working life. But that's what it seems we're trying to do! It's time to...

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I'm Retiring 'Retirement', Who Will Join Me?

(0) Comments | Posted 6 June 2014 | (11:45)

The day you get that free pen in the charity mailer, you know it's started. The beginning of the rest of your life. The re-labelling of the individual you thought you were. Now part of the homogenous mass of 'oldies', also known as 'the over 50s'.

Scratch all that. I'm...

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What's in It for You?

(0) Comments | Posted 13 November 2013 | (14:58)

Christmas ads for major retail brands have, like or or not, become part of our yearly build up to the festive season. They work hard to create empathy between the viewer and the brand. While businesses are used to getting into the hearts and minds of their customers, I wonder...

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Five Ways We Can All Limit Loneliness

(1) Comments | Posted 20 June 2013 | (17:25)

Loneliness is a public health crisis. And one that's getting worse. It's a crisis facing individuals, so it's often invisible, yet pervasive - in organisations, at home, among the young and elderly, advantaged and disadvantaged. What can we do about loneliness? Here are some suggestions.

In Paulo Coelho's book 'Eleven...

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Technology for Good

(0) Comments | Posted 25 April 2013 | (14:49)

I'm a communicator, not a technologist. Yet even I know that technology is not so much about finding what's new, as using what is already here. That's why I'm a firm believer that digital technology can be woven into the fabric of our society to tackle the most important social...

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Positive Change Takes Time

(0) Comments | Posted 7 March 2013 | (13:36)

With friends from the RSPCA, The Body Shop and the wider animal welfare movement, Forster is finally celebrating the EU Directive which will ban the marketing of cosmetics tested on animals.
While much of Forster's client communications work can be instantly measured, evaluated, refined and adapted, it's important...

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Just Make Them Energised

(0) Comments | Posted 7 December 2012 | (15:58)

Forget 'lady luck', 2013 is all about waking up to stakeholder engagement opportunities offered by recession and austerity.

For many organisations, the natural reaction to the global financial crisis has been shock, consternation and retraction, in that order. No signposts or guidance, its new territory. But enough is enough. We've...

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Older Age - New Rites and Responsibilities?

(125) Comments | Posted 16 November 2012 | (23:00)

With new data showing a new baby boom, commentators have come back to the difficult questions facing the original baby boomers. When are you going to retire? Are you going to retire? Today, there is a focus like never before on what it means to grow into older...

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A World of Countless Environmental Opportunities

(0) Comments | Posted 1 November 2012 | (11:16)

I've been saying recently that the environmental agenda seems a little flat. Partly due to the petering out of all the great initiatives of the 20th century; culminating in Rio+20, big promises and little action. Partly due to politicians barely paying lip service to the issue - there's no discussion...

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Opportunities for Older Workers: From Mature CEOs to 50+ Interns

(0) Comments | Posted 16 August 2012 | (14:23)

Depressing statistics were revealed in the latest analysis by the Resolution Foundation which showed the UK is lagging behind other countries in the employment of older workers. In fact the number of older workers who have remained out of work for more than a year has risen from...

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I'm Not Going to Talk About Happiness...

(0) Comments | Posted 26 July 2012 | (15:58)

Measuring Happiness is often discussed in the media. The theme never really varies. Is this happiness? Can we define happiness? Does this work for everybody? It's all so...unsatisfactory. People get bogged down in definitions, lose the big picture. So, allow me to turn away from happiness for the time being...

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