John Dredge
John Dredge is a comedy writer and performer who both writes and performs comedy. His acclaimed comedy podcasts can be heard here

John has also written and performed on Absolute Radio, Channel Four Online and Resonance FM and was part of the ‘Dregs’ sell-out Edinburgh show. His comedy channel, which includes skits, characters and general weirdness, can be found here

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Seven Top Dating Tips For Men

(0) Comments | Posted 16 February 2015 | (00:00)

Many men have problems asking women out, whether it be due to nervousness, lack of self-esteem, or the fact that they live in the middle of the Sahara Desert. If you are one of these poor unfortunates, my 7 Top Ten Dating Tips may prove beneficial. Do let me know...

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Seven Top Ten Job Interview Tips

(1) Comments | Posted 9 January 2015 | (00:00)

It's that time of year when many of us are thinking of looking for a new job, otherwise known as 'every day'. Here are seven top 10 tips to help you with that all-important so-called 'job interview.'

1. Find out where the interview is due to take place. If you...

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A Tribute to Silent Films of the Past and the Things That Happened That Were to Do With Them

(0) Comments | Posted 15 April 2014 | (01:00)

I have always been interested in silent films, particularly those with no sound. The silence in these films has had a profound influence on our society, not only on how libraries are run, but also on the invention of the Quiet Zone, found on some of our most popular train...

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An Exclusive Interview With Rock Legend Rex Twix, as Nobody Else Wanted to Interview Him

(0) Comments | Posted 26 January 2013 | (22:00)

A fortnight ago last Thursday week or thereabouts, I spoke to rock icon Rex Twix about his new album 'Pinkety Ponkety,' and why it was so awful.

Rex, why it was so awful?
You what?

Can you tell me about the lyrics - you've said before that you have...

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