Dictators as Bond Villains

29/01/2013 12:08 | Updated 29 March 2013

If James Bond were a real person (he isn't - I hope that hasn't burst anyone's bubble), it follows that he would be up against real world villains. But who are the real world villains? I thought I'd have a go at putting together a rogues gallery which puts reigning dictators in the roles of Bond villains. I've chosen ones who are unlikely to have me killed... I hope. Anyway, here's what a bit of pixel trickery resulted in.


Dr No / Kim Jong-Un

2013-01-27-alassad_550.jpg Emilio Largo / Bashar al-Assad

2013-01-27-mrmugabig_550.jpg Mr Big / Robert Mugabe

2013-01-27-ernst_stavro_putin_550.jpg Ernst Stavro Blofeld / Vladimir Putin

Bigger versions of these can be found here