Poorly Pencilled Pistachio Portraiture

09/07/2013 17:14 | Updated 08 September 2013

So, I was sitting at my desk at home the other day trying to think of something new and exciting that nobody has done before. I picked up a blunt HB pencil and started twiddling it, then shelled a few pistachio nuts and tossed the shells in a bowl of other pistachio shells. At this point the imaginary light-bulb above my head, which I thought would require a trip to imaginary B&Q to replace, blinked on. In that moment this idea was born.

I Googled it quickly to make sure it was semi-original. I think it is. I make no apologies for the dire drawing skills and abject failure to capture the true likeness of the subjects in question but they made me smile and I hope they do the same for you. I give you celebrities gone nuts:


Stephen Mangan

2013-07-08-morgan.jpg Piers Morgan

2013-07-08-fry.jpg Stephen Fry

2013-07-08-mccartney.jpg Sir Paul McCartney

2013-07-08-clarkson.jpg Jeremy Clarkson

2013-07-08-clegg.jpg Nick Clegg

2013-07-08-neeson.jpg Liam Neeson

2013-07-08-hill.jpg Harry Hill

2013-07-08-french.jpg Dawn French

2013-07-08-trump.jpg Donald Trump

2013-07-08-selleck.jpg Tom Selleck

2013-07-08-blessed.jpg Brian Blessed

Drawing really isn't my thing, as you can see. If you can do better, and you probably can, please do share your efforts with me on twitter (@quebectango).