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Make Room for Adjustment

(0) Comments | Posted 3 July 2015 | (13:22)

Exam results season is upon us once again, bringing with it an air of nervous tension which students must endure before results day and the freedom of the summer break and the potential wonders of university life can begin. It all seems a little daunting at this point doesn't it?...

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English Still Relevant in a Changing Cultural Landscape

(0) Comments | Posted 21 December 2012 | (13:50)

What was it Benjamin Disraeli said about lies, damned lies and statistics? The 19th century Prime Minster's assertion, popularised by American author Mark Twain, has sometimes never seemed truer than when related to the numbers on world languages.

As is the case with all big data, the answers inevitably depend...

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50 Years On

(0) Comments | Posted 28 September 2012 | (09:27)

Precisely fifty years ago, the world lurched on the verge of an unimaginable crisis. The Cold War, which had been freezing East / West relations since the late forties was in grave danger of heating up. Soviet missile bases discovered in Cuba triggered a crisis that brought the U.S. to...

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Is Teaching Public Service in School the Answer to Fixing 'Broken Britain'?

(2) Comments | Posted 23 May 2012 | (00:00)

Ever since the riots blazed across UK streets and TV sets worldwide last year, debate has raged on the catalyst that sparked an estimated 15,000 individuals to become one angry mob. Around 70% of the London 2011 rioters were under the age of 24 so identifying a root cause could...

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