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iPhone 5 Ships Late October, Carriers Claim

Posted 15 September 2011 | 15:36:19 (EST)

The iPhone 5 seems set to ship in October, with the UK release staggered to follow that in the US by one week, reports claim.

Various reports as repeated by Computerworld cite numerous sources pointing to an October release for the much-anticipated new Apple smartphone. Most...

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What is Smart TV, and why Does it Matter?

Posted 8 September 2011 | 01:00:09 (EST)

HD, HDMI, SCART -- there's so many TV acronyms to navigate, these different buzz words sometimes make it harder than it should be to figure out what matters most when it comes to television. Now they're talking about "smart TV"! What's that? Calm down and hang onto your TV remote...

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