Joshua Funnell
I've never enjoyed these bios; It's usually a space where you forcibly attempt to sound witty and intelligent with (not so) subtle plugs that parade your innumerable skills like an advertising whore. It reminds me of a time Aljazeera interviewed me (there's one such plug) and I 'went off on one' with a tirade of moral indignation...which is usually what my bios degenerate in to, with displays of moral self righteousness that would overwhelm even Peter Hitchens (the bastard).

I'm Josh, I'm 22 years old suffering a premature age crisis because my hesitant start to UNIVERSITY LTD. This was due to an extra year of work necessary for university financial survival. A tragedy not understood by my wealthy student comrades who went on safari to play with Rhinos and "chunder everywahhh". Consequently I'm subject to the classic university careerists inquisition: "So...why are you so old without banking internships lined up, I was 10 when I started university".

Anyway, to make up for my lack of achievement at this point of imminent death (22 years old) last year I got involved in the student newspaper and adopted a role as kind of journalistic agent provocateur, gaining a reputation for upsetting every sacred cow and society on campus with what I believed were necessary critiques.

I decided that my initial position at the news section was untenable as it had adopted what the BBC call 'impartial journalism', which translates as; report the news factually, but provide no context and take no angle no matter how obviously outrageous an individual, organization, or states actions are, just repeat like stenographers. This I simply cannot do as I believe strongly that journalism is a crusade against power with a moral foundation at it's core, not factual, sterile computer processing. "You can't stay neutral on a moving train".

Everything since has become a fight for me, a quest for truth and social justice. My enemy is a conservative social and economic establishment who guard wealth and power, commit unspeakable crimes economically, socially, both domestically and abroad and everywhere we confront their apologists and enablers. My war is with those who protect this egregious status quo. Smear me, call me a loony lefty, a conspiracy theorist, a naïve idealist, whatever, the people are beginning to stir. “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”

Entries by Joshua Funnell

BBC Hard Talk: SOFT on Power, HARD on Real Journalism, Truth Telling and Glenn Greenwald

(3) Comments | Posted 3 December 2013 | (15:08)

Listening to the political gurglings of right-wing commentators a vision is painted of a monolithic BBC acting as an anti establishment, subversive enemy within. A BBC where leftist executives plot how best to infect society with commie ideals and pollute the minds of youth with an antibusiness, pro EU, anti...

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Piara Powar Should Get the Monkey Off Roy Hodgson's Back

(0) Comments | Posted 18 October 2013 | (14:54)

Days rarely pass without the UK's journalist football fraternity finding a corpse of a story that they frantically seek to re-electrify with controversy, and this week is no exception. Roy Hodgson has had his name carelessly smeared by suggestions of racial insensitivity. The Mail deployed their famous delicate touch and...

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Comedy Finally Gets Political, an Interview With Comedian Lee Camp

(1) Comments | Posted 29 December 2012 | (18:22)

Mainstream comedy is a sham. You need only flick on Mock the Week in the UK to see the soggy array of so called 'talent' that adorns our screens each week to find proof. Safe, boring, reverent comedy, that glamorises the most mundane irrelevancies of our lives and is venerated...

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Arsenal 'on the Road' ... to Nothing

(1) Comments | Posted 2 December 2012 | (01:22)

NOTE: This blog was written during Arsenal vs. Swansea

I remember vividly those lamentable hours I spent in my maths class. A perverse situation emerged in which my school judo teacher was also my maths teacher. As you might expect, algebra and martial arts weren't a match made in heaven....

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Dear BBC, More Owen Jones's on Question Time Please!

(8) Comments | Posted 26 November 2012 | (19:09)

No show angers me more than BBC Question Time. Consecutive laptops have been placed in mortal danger as I watch the same poisoned formula concocted each week by the alchemists Dimbleby & co. Consequently my dad has effectively banned me from regarding it with him, due to my Peep Show...

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Skyfall: A Political Review

(0) Comments | Posted 5 November 2012 | (12:49)

I grew up with James Bond and I still have fond memories of shooting my way through Soviet Russia on the N64's infamous Goldeneye. I felt little remorse for my digital victims; such were their pixelated faces that strongly resembled puff pastry.

But then you get older and...

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'The Revolution Will be Televised'... but Not Where Anyone can See It

(0) Comments | Posted 28 August 2012 | (17:06)

It's hard being in my situation. I've isolated myself psychologically into a cocoon of nihilistic cynicism, that rejects most media as suspect. Instead of being mind raped by propagandist nonsense, I've voluntarily gone celibate and escaped its insidious drip-feeding of poisonous misinformation. My neurosis dictates that the mainstream media (man)...

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Beware of the Evil Tradesmen

(0) Comments | Posted 26 July 2012 | (08:20)

Here's the perfect metaphor for the Conservative party's idea of tax justice:

An assembled army of moral indignados chase after an ant leaving a nest with a piece of unregistered leaf. Meanwhile, behind them, an ant eater arrives, hoovers up the entire ants nest with it's snout and then...

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Congratulations on Being Pretty Women of Euro 2012

(1) Comments | Posted 19 June 2012 | (00:34)

What I'm about to talk about will be regarded as blasphemy within the football lad community. However I'm quite happy to be the anti-lad, because it's a necessary antidote to a prevailing dumb male culture that many men foolishly believe is wholly natural, instead of being manufactured in the same...

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Caught Between an Internship and a Hard Place

(0) Comments | Posted 10 June 2012 | (15:30)

"There comes a time in life when you have a choose between two sets of principles; power and privilege, or justice and truth" - Chris Hedges

Increasingly at my own university (Warwick) my fellow students are making their career choices all too clear, and truth and justice aint on the...

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"Not One Serious Commentator... Believes These (Economic) Problems Emerged in the Last 24 Months" Oh Really David?

(0) Comments | Posted 28 April 2012 | (10:31)

David Cameron and George Osborne. There really is something truly unsettling about the hair of these men. Bad hair, evidence indicates, is inextricably linked with bad economic policy... we're now officially in a double dip recession/depression: fine work gentleman! *Two thumbs up*

Sitting in my pants eating Shreddies, I experienced...

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Messing About in Boats...'Causing Waves'

(4) Comments | Posted 9 April 2012 | (10:24)

So the good old English gentry had their precious "Boat Race" disrupted and everyone's angry. A man was arrested we're told. "Why was he in the river blocking the boats...?". It doesn't matter apparently, judging by the near universal media silence. What's more important across the spectrum is to widely...

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Conservative "premier league" party donations relegate democracy...

(0) Comments | Posted 26 March 2012 | (18:39)

WARNING: The following piece is filled with ten times your daily-recommended levels of sarcasm and irony.

Out of government in 2010 David Cameron said to ITN in regard to Jeff Hoon and Stephen Byers claims they could influence government policy for business that quote:

"Lets be clear about what's at...

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Grammar Nazis

(0) Comments | Posted 13 February 2012 | (15:52)

It seems to me, that people who anally obsess over grammar, coincidentally are never the most seductive of writers. They view writing as a static world of rules and forms that must be abided by at all costs. An English literature student for example once said to me that writing...

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(0) Comments | Posted 27 January 2012 | (16:34)

Sometimes you have to stand in awe at the tidal wave of bulls**t that continues to surge upstream. "Iran is a threat", "the danger of a nuclear armed Iran", "What action will be taken against Iran with its nuclear ambitions?"

Round and round we go, scrutiny as always is...

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Stop Putting a Dollar Sign In Front of Everything

(0) Comments | Posted 17 January 2012 | (17:27)

"Stop putting a dollar (pound) sign in front of everything"...said Bill Hicks during one of his stand up gigs. David Cameron by contrast decided that he would deploy the ying to the Bill Hicks' yang, when he stated that the BFI should fund more "commercially successful pictures".

Sometimes poshos...

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White People the Victims of Racism? Please

(1) Comments | Posted 6 January 2012 | (18:47)

"What's this weeks petty irrelevant moral panic we'll all sit around discussing in pubs and on the BBC's Daily Politics show?", I often wake up asking myself.

Oh yes, right on cue, Dianne Abbott is now a reverse racist, because of one of those cheap easy stories the press...

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Political Christmas Dinner Conflict: A Response to Family Member X

(0) Comments | Posted 28 December 2011 | (20:05)

It's often claimed in academic circles that the moment your argument becomes personal is the moment you concede defeat. I've never abided by this philosophy. For me, a person with a defective personality is equally attracted to defective ideas. Anyway, on this occasion I was personally attacked and so it...

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We Need Weapons Inspectors for Language Too

(0) Comments | Posted 21 December 2011 | (17:43)

If my long lusted for - progressive Anarcho Syndicalist free love environmental saviors revolution - fails to manifest and save us from the inevitable capitalist abyss we're currently heading towards, then surely the rallying cry that shall best epitomize our civilizations decadent selfish decline in to oblivion shall be 'SHOTGUN!"

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