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Judi Sutherland is a poet and freelance writer who was born in Stoke on Trent and now lives in South Oxfordshire. She trained as a life scientist and worked in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for over twenty years, developing new medicines and navigating corporate life. She now has four university degrees. She writes about whatever is interesting and shiny; she likes to observe the world and wonder what it means. At times she makes home-made cheese in her kitchen. She's known to be astonishingly opinionated. You can find her writing about writing at http://judisutherland.com/ and she tweets at @judi_sutherland

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Dealing With Our Data

(0) Comments | Posted 4 March 2014 | (10:28)

I think many of us have been shocked at the recent disclosures about NHS data - our health data - being sold to insurance companies for a couple of thousand pounds, and as we now know, thanks to the work done by GP / MP Sarah Wollaston, being uploaded on...

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Still Waiting in the Wings

(0) Comments | Posted 25 July 2013 | (13:25)

The Women's Room campaign to continue to have images of women on banknotes has succeeded. Not immediately, of course, because Elizabeth Fry will be taken off the £5 note and replaced by Winston Churchill. Jane Austen still has to "wait in the wings" for another four years to...

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Right on the Money

(1) Comments | Posted 13 June 2013 | (23:51)

Maybe you don't scrutinise your cash much. Maybe you just, you know - spend it? But you have probably noticed at some point that the reverse of British banknotes depict a series of Great British Heroes. This has been the case since 1970, and various luminaries have been showcased, including...

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Bleeding Them Dry

(2) Comments | Posted 11 June 2013 | (19:22)

I can't help it. I have generous blood. My body doesn't waste time making lots of extra proteins that stick out from the surface of its blood cells, just asking to be neutralised by an overwhelming immune response. I'm 'O' Negative, which makes my blood safe to give to anyone...

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It's Time to Lean on Facebook

(1) Comments | Posted 24 May 2013 | (12:46)

Social media is a bit like a telephone company; if a phone call is used to threaten or blackmail somebody, the telecoms company can't be held responsible. After all, it is only providing the communication channel, not the content of the call. Or maybe it is a bit more like...

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Margaret Thatcher and the True Scotsman

(2) Comments | Posted 9 April 2013 | (15:51)

I'm not going to talk about her policies - although I think I mind them a lot more in hindsight than I did at the time - I want to talk about her other legacy. The feminist one. Yes, really.

We are often told that the UK lags behind other...

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The Selfish Genius?

(10) Comments | Posted 13 March 2013 | (16:57)

I've been meaning to write about the Richard Dawkins brand of atheism for a while, but today is definitely the day, after watching the great man's Twitter feed pronounce on the superior worth of an adult pig over a human foetus. I'm not sure I follow his argument, but actually...

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Engineering a Conversation

(0) Comments | Posted 5 March 2013 | (13:25)

Last week I got a ticket to a lecture hosted by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). So far, so exciting, right? But the guest speaker, and winner of the John Collier medal 'in recognition of services to science and engineering communication' was Professor Brian Cox,...

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Let's Start Again and Call It Reality Feminism

(18) Comments | Posted 28 February 2013 | (09:13)

The last piece I wrote for the Huffington Post had a mixed reception. I posted a link to it on The Everyday Sexism Project's (TESP) Facebook group, and the subsequent comments included, as I remember; 'disgusting' and 'victim-blaming'. However, when I linked the same article to...

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What Not To Wear

(0) Comments | Posted 9 February 2013 | (15:00)

Maybe the rot set in in 1978, with the release of the movie Grease. Remember the plot? Shy girl, Sandy, in her Peter-Pan collared dress and home-cut fringe, is persuaded that the way to get her bad boy, Danny, is to undergo a drastic makeover. By the end of the...

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Dangerous Occurrences

(0) Comments | Posted 31 January 2013 | (12:15)

Feminists talk about 'rape culture'. I'm not sure I buy into the terminology, although I understand what it means; that nasty brand of laddish 'humour' that denigrates women and makes sexual slurs and jokes, up to and including the premise that rape and sexual violence are acceptable and deeply hilarious....

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What Can You Say?

(0) Comments | Posted 16 January 2013 | (20:35)

The internet is getting nastier and nastier. It is taken for granted, now, that no writer should ever read the comments on the bottom of any article they write, because by about the third comment down, the thread has turned to vitriol, created by a large, mad cohort of nutjobs,...

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The Good Club Guide

(15) Comments | Posted 27 December 2012 | (09:51)

We are approaching New Year, and everybody wants to party. I'm getting a bit too old for clubbing now; I used to go out dancing, before clubs were even called clubs - I think they were probably 'discos' back in the day. Leeds University Students' Union; Nottingham Rock City; the...

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What Would Jed Bartlet Do?

(0) Comments | Posted 18 December 2012 | (09:37)

I was in America on a business trip the day Obama won his first term. My Republican colleagues were in deep gloom. "He's gonna wreck the economy" they said. It was November 2008; I pointed out to them that the financial crisis had already hit, and on whose watch did...

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On Being a Spiritual Atheist

(37) Comments | Posted 16 December 2012 | (23:00)

The 2011 census results were interesting, weren't they? The rising trend of atheism was a key finding, with 25.1% now saying that we have "no religion" versus 14.8% of us in 2001. As ever, I'm completely on trend, having been an atheist for almost thirty years.

A mistake that many...

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Why I Won't Cheer Up

(0) Comments | Posted 4 December 2012 | (21:33)

I was twenty one, and walking though the centre of Beeston, Nottingham, when an obese young man caught hold of me by the shoulder as he passed me by. He spun me round to face him and uttered the immortal line; 'Cheer up, love, it might never happen'. That was...

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Pressing Issues

(0) Comments | Posted 30 November 2012 | (15:40)

So, the Leveson Report is out, and very helpfully, is available on line, free. I've read the fifty page summary, and that is probably enough for me. It quite clearly states that Lord Leveson is recommending 'a genuinely independent and effective system of self-regulation' for our...

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(0) Comments | Posted 27 November 2012 | (16:55)

'Thank you for taking the time to post your views on our wall.
This is entirely a matter for the Sun - it is not for us to comment on editorial decisions.'

So said Tesco's 'Customer Care' when a No More Page Three supporter asked why it continues to...

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