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John Galliano and the Fashion Fascists

(0) Comments | Posted 12 September 2011 | (00:00)

There are bar-room bigots and then there is John Galliano.

The British designer has been given a suspended fine of €6,000 (£5,200) by a Paris court for racist and anti-Semitic rants at people in a Paris bar.
The former couturier was found guilty of "public...

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I Marched with the English Defence League (but not in Tower Hamlets)

(0) Comments | Posted 5 September 2011 | (00:00)

To the English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson and all the lads and lasses who came to London to make anti-Muslim mayhem on Saturday, it is my duty to inform that you never put a foot in Tower Hamlets - the borough with the highest percentage of Muslims in Britain.

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After the Humiliation of Rupert Murdoch, Comeuppance for Goldman Sachs?

(13) Comments | Posted 26 August 2011 | (22:55)

This summer's humbling of Rupert Murdoch has warmed the cockle of many a liberal heart. Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall or the first few euphoric weeks after New Labour's election could they pick up a newspaper/switch on their computer with such a sense of excited anticipation at...

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Terrorist Attacks on Israel: The Ghost at the Feast

(13) Comments | Posted 20 August 2011 | (00:00)

As families throughout the Jewish world sat down for their customary Sabbath dinner on Friday night the conversation for many will have turned to the mini-terror onslaught directed against southern Israel in recent days.

The randomness of the latest killing by Palestinian militants - buses and cars selected...

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Israel's Housing Protests: A Black Swan Event?

(16) Comments | Posted 31 July 2011 | (10:16)

Over 150,000 protesters have taken to the streets of cities and towns across Israel for the second weekend running armed with a fistful of social and economic grievances, most notably anger at the Jewish state's asymmetric housing market that, but for the wealthiest, condemns most to a future...

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Anders Breivik, the new Mein Kampf and Your Local Conservative Party

(0) Comments | Posted 27 July 2011 | (22:07)

When veteran anti-fascists heard of Anders Behring Breivik's diabolical Oslo rampage they immediately reached for their copy of The Turner Diaries to explain the merciless carnage.

The book was dubbed the Mein Kampf of the 21st century before 9/11 and the concept of "Islamofascism" overshadowed the far-right threat....

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Rupert Murdoch, News Corp and the War of the Worlds

(3) Comments | Posted 18 July 2011 | (16:54)

Somewhere in a not so far off galaxy called Murdoch the final battle has commenced. The Death Star - emblazoned with the huge but now flickering News Corp insignia - is under sustained attack from the rebel alliance. Huge plumes of flames erupt (bonfires of the vanities, surely) from the...

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Israel, The Arab Spring and the Map of Despair

(5) Comments | Posted 13 July 2011 | (12:05)

Back in the 70s in every Jewish communal building, school and synagogue you would see the powerful image of 'the map'.

At its centre was Israel, a shining, white slither of land with its back to the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounding it there was only darkness. From the Atlantic...

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A Cultural Boycott of Israel? Play Another Tune

(10) Comments | Posted 5 July 2011 | (10:50)

Jello Biafra might have a crazy name but he is the voice of sanity when it comes to confronting the increasingly influential cultural boycott against Israel.

Mr Biafra is the frontman of the legendary punk outfit The Dead Kennedys and his ideological credentials, musical and political,...

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