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VOGUE! - Official Video for Jessie Ware's 'Imagine It Was Us'

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Since I first championed Brit singer Jessie Ware as the next big thing on my website way back in February 2012, the soul singer-songwriter who hails from South London has gone on to become music's hottest property, and talking of all things hot, she's just released the new video for her forthcoming single "Imagine It Was Us".

The track is a seriously sexy, sultry 90s-inspired mix produced by Julio Bashmore who also collaborated on the singer's "Devotion" album which gets a re-issue on April 15th as "Devotion (The Gold Edition)" featuring four bonus tracks including two previously unheard cuts - Imagine It Was Us and Wildest Moments Feat. A$AP Rocky - listen to that HERE
You can also pre-order Imagine It Was Us from iTunes UK now.

Check out the full album track listing below followed by the official video for "Imagine It Was Us" which features lots of Vogue-esque dance moves, glitter balls, supersize hoop earrings and Jessie sporting a new fringe and also a ponytail (those whipping pony's are just SO now).


1. Devotion
2. Wildest Moments
3. Running
4. Still Love Me
5. No To Love
6. Night Light
7. Swan Song
8. Sweet Talk
9. If You're Never Gonna Move
10. Taking In Water
11. Something Inside


12. Imagine It Was Us
13. Valentine (Jessie Ware & Sampha)
14. Wildest Moments (remix) Featuring A$AP Rocky
15. Running (Disclosure Remix)