Lee Mannion
Lee Mannion has worked on picture desks for all kinds of titles over the last ten years. In the last two years, he's been writing for titles including Marie Claire, Square Mile, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine and the Daily Express. One day he hopes to swap a small flat in West London for a place with a sea view, a dog and a pub within walking distance where they greet him with the question 'the usual?' as he enters.

Entries by Lee Mannion

Cover Me: Why Travel Insurance is Essential

(0) Comments | Posted 24 November 2013 | (15:20)

A lot of people think insurance is a racket. Whenever the discussion comes up amongst my friends, someone always has a story along the lines of thinking they would be completely covered against loss or damage, only to find there was a clause in the contract that prevented them getting...

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Winter's Coming: Time to Think About a Holiday

(0) Comments | Posted 2 November 2013 | (07:47)

As I look out of my window this morning the palette of colours is a depressing collection of greys. The only vibrancy is coming from the warning lights of a descending jumbo jet. The plane acts as a hint: as we head towards winter, now might be the time to...

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Take a Chance on Me

(0) Comments | Posted 3 October 2013 | (10:03)

If you're gambling online, is it for money or entertainment?

Some words around the world are unique to the country that they originate in. Australians, never shy about bastardizing a word to make it seem more friendly, have made it into a cultural signifier. If you're having a barbie, you're...

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IT Security: Can You Really Rest Upon a Cloud?

(1) Comments | Posted 19 September 2013 | (18:44)

In the pre-internet era, data security was essentially endless files filled with thousands of documents. It is hard to believe that there was a pre-internet way of doing business securely at all, or that any business that operated during those times is still going today. It must have been a...

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Ding Dong the Witch Is Alive!

(0) Comments | Posted 24 April 2013 | (07:32)

Ding Dong the Witch is Alive!

With Wicked the musical celebrating its 10th anniversary later this year, should Andrew Lloyd Webber be looking over his shoulder?

The continuing success of Wicked is making rival musicals green with envy. Having seen off Shrek, Wicked has made sure there is only room...

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Why Our Teenagers Need One Direction

(0) Comments | Posted 27 March 2013 | (18:44)

It's scary how quickly rebellious teenagers turn into grumpy old geezers. My friend Mark, who had been admiring Adam Ant's 'Prince Charming' outfit in the Victoria & Albert Museum earlier in the day, is sitting opposite me in the pub and we are arguing about One Direction. We are both...

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140 Characters

(1) Comments | Posted 7 November 2011 | (11:47)

Is social media bringing us closer together or pushing us further apart? A new exhibition by photographer Chris Floyd delivers some good news.

Technology is undoubtedly changing the way we conduct our relationships. A text I received from an old friend the other day read, "Hi Stranger, be good to...

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