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Well, I survived childhood. And so far, I've survived adulthood, although I hear it's terminal so I'll keep doing the ostrich thing and pretend I don't know that, until someone finds a cure.

Life's pretty short, even when it seems really long because of the twistier, bumpier bits of it. So far, mine's been pretty spectacular in terms of its form and content, and by spectacular, I mean it's been an assortment of insanity, chaos, joy, terror, and whole lot of other stuff thrown in. Sort of like a loaded pizza. Or a .357 Magnum, depending on your perspective.

At times, I've figured I'd be better off throwing myself on a sword or pitching myself off a cliff (and no doubt there were times when other people would have gladly assisted me in either of those endeavours). But then at other times, I've been so unbelievably happy and joyful, I thought I might explode (which the aforementioned "other people" might have enjoyed witnessing).

Sure, I've had my share of heartbreak and misery, rejection and fear, but who hasn't? I've also had my fair share of blessings and joy, love and gratitude. Although I could do with more profiteroles. I loooove profiteroles.

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There's Another Kind of Death and Resurrection That Has Nothing to Do With Religion

(0) Comments | Posted 20 April 2014 | (19:47)

Seems a good day to write about this. It's Easter Sunday, the day when Christians round the world are celebrating the fact that Jesus was resurrected three days after being crucified and stuck in a cave as his tomb.

One of the messages that all of us can take away...

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Following Your Heart Is the Only Right Path

(0) Comments | Posted 25 February 2014 | (14:48)

Is there something you want to do? Something that burns inside you, or maybe just quietly pops up now and then, softly clearing its throat before whispering to your soul? What is it? A job change? A complete career change? Perhaps leaving a relationship that no longer works, even though...

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On Commitment

(0) Comments | Posted 31 January 2014 | (03:20)

According to the Oxford dictionary, "commit" is a verb meaning (1) perpetrate or carry out, or (2) to pledge or bind (a person or organization) to a certain course or policy.
There are numerous ways in which we can use this word. We commit thoughts to paper,...

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Saying "No" to Your Children Is One of the Best Gifts You Can Give Them

(0) Comments | Posted 12 December 2013 | (23:14)

It's difficult to see our loved ones having problems. It's natural to want to protect the people we love. It's especially painful to be a parent and watch your children suffer, whether from their own choices or yours. We want life to be as smooth and easy as possible for...

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How to Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Flat, Again

(0) Comments | Posted 8 November 2013 | (10:12)

Are you having a rough time? Do you wonder if the universe is picking on you? Do you just barely start to sort yourself out from one problem and then you're slammed with another?

Man, I know that story all too well, so if you're there, you have my deepest...

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Here's A Quick and Easy Tool to De-Stress Any Time!

(0) Comments | Posted 6 November 2013 | (13:14)

I'm sure you know what it is to feel stressed. Rushing here and there, having too much work, not enough sleep, too many responsibilities, no time to just chill and enjoy life. Seems all of us are in that same boat, right?


I understand that life can be full...

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What to Do With the Bottom Feeders in Your Life

(0) Comments | Posted 4 November 2013 | (08:11)

All of us have heard that unless we take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of anyone else. We hear that we must make sure we're okay first, in order to be okay for others in our lives. We might even believe we're walking the walk, not just talking...

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How to Find Your Miracle - in Just Two Simple Steps

(0) Comments | Posted 31 October 2013 | (10:56)

Do you need a miracle? Have you been waiting for that golden opportunity, that one big break that would finally change your life? Do you have an image in your head about how it will look, the route it will take, and what it will mean for your life when...

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How to Cope When the Wheels Come Off

(0) Comments | Posted 17 October 2013 | (08:30)

What do you do when Life throws too much at you all at once? Do the wheels come off and land you in the ditch? Do you smash head first into a tree? Or even worse, into oncoming traffic, taking out a few other people in the process?

I've been...

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McDonald's Increases Burger Cost 40% for Extra Pickles

(0) Comments | Posted 1 September 2013 | (07:46)

Recently, I was rushing from one place to another and drove through McDonald's to get a cheeseburger. Not very big, not much in them, and not very expensive (a whopping 99p), McD's cheeseburgers are simple but really yummy. Trouble is, they have only one little pickle slice. And I love...

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Choose Hope Over Fear

(0) Comments | Posted 15 August 2013 | (13:32)

I've been having a ridiculously difficult time in recent weeks. Months, really. Okay, longer than that, but that's not the point. Lately, it's been especially hard and to be honest, I came apart last week, not something I do easily or often, let me tell you. To be honest, I...

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Mobile Phone Use by Many Is Outrageously Rude

(1) Comments | Posted 19 July 2013 | (07:04)

Seriously. If you want to come round and visit me, put your bloody phone away. I'm not sitting here checking my email, replying to it, or chatting with people on Facebook - or even worse, answering phone calls - whilst you're here, so I would appreciate it if you could...

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What If All "The Talkative Ones" Went Silent?

(2) Comments | Posted 14 July 2013 | (02:22)

There are two kinds of people in the world: The Quiet Ones and The Talkative Ones. You know, those who blend into the background and the more gregarious ones who are in the middle of things.

As a child, I was painfully shy and afraid of people, having grown up...

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Third Dates Should Include Sex?? What??!

(0) Comments | Posted 12 July 2013 | (06:34)

Okay, I'm officially old. I mean, really old.

I remember being a skinny young teenager, out on a first date or even a second one and wondering if, at the end of it, he would kiss me. I worried about kissing and was sure I would totally suck at...

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