Liv Sibony
Liv Sibony launched Grub Club in early 2013. Following a career in HR in the City and the Public Sector, as well as a stint as a sous-chef in restaurants and catering industries, she realised she wasn't the only person to be passionate about both connecting people and food. She also volunteered for many years as a means to feel more engaged with her community. But she couldn't help feeling a disconnect between all these three passions.

Food is the common denominator that links all of us together. In a place like London, where the pace never slows down, we all forget about the core values that make us human, eating a microwaved meal on the go, after arriving late from a hectic day, and before collapsing, exhausted, into bed.

The economic downturn has brought with it some positives, its shown us how we can do more with less. We don’t need to be on an endless cycle of home improvement and wardrobe upgrades! It has also led to new economic models such as collaborative consumption that prove that we can continue to lead a happy and busy life that also enable us to have closer connections with those around us, without having to make any sacrifices.

With this paradigm shift, Liv and her business partner Siddarth Vijayakumar realised there was a way to turn the current challenges on their head and use them to bring about a positive change. And that's how Grub Club was created. Food is the way to bring joy and entertainment to all those around us and that is the starting point for exciting journeys for intrepid and curious diners worldwide.

Grub Club is the collaborative platform that connects foodies with amazing dining experiences. By connecting awesome chefs with underused spaces, diners experience unique events where chefs showcase their skills, while also bringing a new lease of life to our high streets.

Entries by Liv Sibony

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How chefs are using food and supper clubs to respond to global tragedies

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