Lola Adesioye
Lola Adesioye is a social commentator and activist.

Born and raised in England, of Nigerian descent and now living in New York, Lola brings a unique, intelligent and well-informed international perspective to the topics that she writes about.

Lola is a regular contributor of print and online news, commentary and features to major publications including The Guardian (UK and America), where she writes a weekly column for their ‘Comment is Free’ online commentary section. She also contributes and has contributed to, The Economist and is former Deputy Editor of

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Entries by Lola Adesioye

Justice at Last For Stephen Lawrence, and for Britain

(11) Comments | Posted 3 January 2012 | (16:00)

I was twelve years old when Stephen Lawrence was brutally murdered by a gang of racists in Eltham, South London. I remember watching the news about the case at the time, in April of 1993, and reading the various newspaper reports.

I also remember the fear I felt. I'm...

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Tottenham Riots: It's Time for England to Confront Its Race-Related Issues

(224) Comments | Posted 8 August 2011 | (00:00)

In 2011, it's shameful that any of England's citizens feel that violence is the best way in which to express frustration. Watching live online footage of yesterday's rioting in Tottenham from America, I was thrown back to yesteryear.

This is what happened in Tottenham in 1985. Then, it was...

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