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Lorenzo Belenguer is an arts writer, an artist and an arts manager. Having founded the Rogues Gallery, an artists’ group which exhibited in vacant shops, he then went on to successfully run the Gallery at Willesden Green for six years.

Lorenzo, as an artist, transforms metal objects into sculptures that evolve from the visual rhetoric of Minimalism and double as ‘canvases’. Belenguer is like a hunter who trawls the city for found objects, sometimes sourced as locally as the back garden of the studios' church. This use of found objects can also be seen metaphorically in his series of drawings based on fashion adverts. Within this series he finds and focuses on the individual within those fashion adverts. These drawings were selected for a group show at the Tate Modern in May 2010.

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Lorenzo has been involved in numerous arts projects, with funding from the Arts Council, Awards for All, Heritage Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund with many projects recommended by the BBC, The Guardian and Timeout magazine to their viewer and readership as part of their exhibitions must sees for London.

Belenguer created TESTIMONIES in response to London residents looking to have a more active role in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and aims to empower conversation about this historic event, to compare with the 1948 Olympic Games and provide a legacy. TESTIMONIES records Londoners’ personal stories and expectations about the 1948 Olympic Games and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. For more information please visit the website:


Entries by Lorenzo Belenguer

Ernesto Canovas: A Mixed Media View of the US in the 60s

(0) Comments | Posted 10 April 2014 | (16:54)

Ernesto Canovas solo show, titled An American Trilogy, which opens at the Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair, London, on the 30th of April, presents us with mixed media canvases of one of the most exciting times in American history: the 60's. However, Canovas appropriates images that belongs to the...

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Should an Artist Make Money?

(0) Comments | Posted 7 April 2014 | (17:35)

Money is the dirty word in the Art World. Damien Hirst is constantly being criticised for making too much money. He has sold out as many people would say. However, no artist is being criticised for making too little or virtually zero. A lawyer is expected to get...

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How Do You Portray a Blow Job in Opera?

(0) Comments | Posted 3 April 2014 | (15:57)

Apparently with lots of humming. Powder Her Face is an opera composed by Thomas Ades, with a libretto by Philip Hensher, based on the infamous Margaret Campbell, the Duchess of Argyll and the scandal her sexual exploits and subsequent divorce in the 1960s. Polaroids of the Duchess in...

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Newcomer to Art Scene Brings Joys of Spring to Battersea

(0) Comments | Posted 17 March 2014 | (15:23)

Think of Art in South London and Battersea instantly comes to mind, which is why Caiger
Contemporary Art
is excited to be holding its first ever Showcase exhibition at Battersea's The Gallery on the Corner which opens on the 25th ending on the 31st of March.

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The Three Most Distinctive Art Fairs in London Today

(0) Comments | Posted 10 March 2014 | (16:06)

Art Fairs are mushrooming in the Arts scene as a convenient, although not ideal, way of seeing and acquiring works. Over 150 galleries and 1000's of artworks can be seen in one place in one afternoon. Despite the fact that, as Alan Cristea the director of the Alan...

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East Versus West in the London Arts Scene

(0) Comments | Posted 25 February 2014 | (10:15)

There was a moment in the 90s that Cork Street was dead, Jay Jopling opened a gallery in Hoxton Square and many of the best galleries were in Vyner Street. Then David Risley moved to Copenhagen, Whitecube closed down its Eastend headquarters, Modern Art moved to Fitzrovia, and many other...

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Manuel Espinosa: The Future Was Painted in 1968

(0) Comments | Posted 16 February 2014 | (11:33)

Just recovering from painful times, uncertain about the future and with a clear understanding that a new Socio-economical system need to be created to avoid making the same mistake? No, I am not talking about the current times, I am describing how the World felt after the Second World War...

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Is Ethical Fashion Finally Becoming Mainstream?

(0) Comments | Posted 1 February 2014 | (19:56)

Every time a tragic accident like Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, where over 1,000 workers died in the garment factory, happens, our hearts sank. It sank because it could, and should, have been prevented. However, in the current clima with shrinking wages and stratospheric rent and energy bills, Can we afford...

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Is Peter Grimes the Best British Opera From the Last Two Centuries?

(0) Comments | Posted 30 January 2014 | (16:10)

Peter Grimes composed by Benjamin Britten after a poem by George Crabbe returns to the English National Opera at the London Coliseum. It is about a judgmental society and ticks off quite a few boxes to never fail to attract the attention of the public with a such...

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Desmond Rayner: A Maker of Journeys and Experiences

(0) Comments | Posted 6 December 2013 | (13:08)

Desmond Rayner's new show, titled Major Minis, currently held at the Piper Gallery in Fitzrovia, London, is an invitation to loose and to find yourself at the same time exploring his intricate drawings. Rayner main interest is to entertain the viewer and as he says: "to hear the...

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Bogota and Gdansk Linked by Two Art Curators

(0) Comments | Posted 1 December 2013 | (16:01)

Bogota: A City on the Edge is part of the Cities on the Edge exciting and successful art project in which areas that are on the edge are presented to an international audience. It is taking place at the Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk,...

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Is Valencia the New Barcelona?

(0) Comments | Posted 25 November 2013 | (19:35)

Valencia, the third most important city in Spain, used to be the best-kept secret. Not anymore. Valencia has been selected on several occasions by the prestigious travel guide Lonely Planet as one of the coolest top five cities and with one of the top ten urban beaches on Earth.

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Martin Finnin: Figures in an Abstract World

(0) Comments | Posted 4 November 2013 | (16:18)

Martin Finnin current exhibition, titled: Renegade Amongst the Dusty Nouns, at the John Martin Gallery in Mayfair skilfully recreates an abstract world that consists of figures, movement and memories. Finnin finds inspiration in his homeland, Ireland, and his trips to India and Italy. His paintings are intelligent, exceptionally...

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Made London: Contemporary Making in Britain Today

(0) Comments | Posted 25 October 2013 | (13:36)

While factories go to Asia or are in the hands of a few, Fine Arts and Crafts remain in the country and are owned by companies of one or two people. The Creative Industry creates wealth that it is local and fairly distributed because of its nature of individual designs....

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Art Cities of the Future - Now

(0) Comments | Posted 24 October 2013 | (17:27)

Forget New York, London and Paris. There are twelve global cities setting a new agenda for contemporary art now. The book just launched: Art Cities of the Future: 21st Century Avant-Gardes showcases today's international artistic frontiers: where communities of like-minded artists are producing exceptionally experimental work. These twelve...

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Christie's Art Cornucopia: Auction Houses as Exhibition Spaces

(0) Comments | Posted 13 October 2013 | (11:47)

Auction Houses always get in the news when an art work reaches an exorbitant price. However, many people do not realise that they exhibit some of the finest works before they go back into a private collection away from the public view. It is a golden opportunity to see them...

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Prime Arts Destination During Frieze Week Happening in Brick Lane

(0) Comments | Posted 9 October 2013 | (11:02)

The Other Art Fair has announced it will host its fifth edition at East London's primary destination for creative events, The Old Truman Brewery from the 17th to the 20th of October. Coinciding with Frieze Week, the most important date in London's art calendar, this change in date...

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Is a Show in a Car Park Next to Frieze Art Fair Going to Become the Next Freeze?

(0) Comments | Posted 2 October 2013 | (21:20)

Freeze is the title of an art exhibition that took place in July 1988 in an empty London Port Authority building at Surrey Docks in London Docklands. Its main organiser was Damien Hirst. It was significant in the subsequent development of the Young British Artists.

This exhibition, titled

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Art on a Tee-Shirt

(0) Comments | Posted 25 September 2013 | (17:35)

Every artist's dream, and nightmare, is exposure. A show that ends being unviewed is a failure. An artist needs an audience to communicate with and to start a dialogue. Gerry Buxton, the artist behind Plane Clothing, does not have that problem. His works are printed on tee-shirts and...

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Silk Cocoons: We Can't Get Enough

(0) Comments | Posted 2 September 2013 | (18:59)

Ida Ivanka Kubler, an artist born in Bulgaria, is overwhelmed by the great interest her cocoon paintings are having after exhibiting at the New York and London Affordable Art Fairs. Ivanka makes sculptural paintings using silk cocoons as the main material for her works which are highly influenced...

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