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Louise is an assistant news editor at HuffPost UK, running feature series and covering current affairs specialising in media, social affairs, gender and HuffPost's What's Working section. She was named as one of The Drum's 50 Under 30 women in digital 2015 and was shortlisted for Outstanding Digital Talent of the Year 2014 at the PPA Digital Awards.

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Aldi Ads Ruled 'Misleading' For Comparing Its Own-Brand Products With Brands

(0) Comments | Posted 29 June 2016 | (09:37)

Three ads for Aldi claiming customers could make significant savings compared with the “big four” supermarkets have been banned for being unfair and not “truly representative”.

The two television ads claimed a £70 Aldi shop would cost £98 at...

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10p Food Shop Niftie's Is Going Down A Treat In Dover

(0) Comments | Posted 28 June 2016 | (12:28)

A pop-up shop selling food for just 10p has become a runaway success in Kent.

A weekly shop could cost just £3 at Niftie's in Dover, which has sold so many groceries since opening last week that it could become a permanent feature.

The shop sells everyday food essentials...

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Racism After Brexit Broadcast In Radio 4 Clip Of BBC's Sima Kotecha Being Called 'P**i'

(0) Comments | Posted 28 June 2016 | (09:43)

BBC Radio 4 has aired the moment its journalist Sima Kotecha was called a 'P**i' by a Brexit voter in her home town of Basingstoke.

Kotecha was in "utter shock" speaking to Brexit voters in the Hampshire town where she grew up, where 52% of people voted to...

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Daily Mirror Calls For Jeremy Corbyn To Quit

(0) Comments | Posted 28 June 2016 | (07:57)

Britain's biggest left-wing tabloid has called on Jeremy Corbyn to resign - but a poll suggests the vast majority of its readers don't agree.

The Labour-supporting Daily Mirror published a front page urging Corbyn to "GO NOW" and said the party leader "must quit now for his party and his country".

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Rollercoaster Accident At M&D's Theme Park In Motherwell, Scotland, Injures 11 Including 9 Children

(0) Comments | Posted 26 June 2016 | (16:43)

Nine children and two adults have been injured and are being treated in hospital after a rollercoaster crashed in Motherwell, Police Scotland said.

Emergency services responded to reports...

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Faisal Islam, Sky News Journalist, Says Pro-Brexit MP Told Him 'Leave Campaign Don't Have A Plan'

(0) Comments | Posted 26 June 2016 | (15:09)

Sky News political editor Faisal Islam has been left speechless after claiming a Conservative pro-Brexit MP told him the Leave campaign "didn't have a plan" for Brexit and "number 10 should have had one".

Islam appeared stunned, and presenter Anna Botting didn't know what to say after Islam...

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American Airlines Plane Evacuated At Heathrow After Arriving From Helsinki

(0) Comments | Posted 26 June 2016 | (14:05)

Passengers escaped from an American Airlines plane down an emergency slide at Heathrow Airport following a “technical issue”.

Footage showed passengers, including children, disembarking via a slide towards the runway at the rear of the aircraft at Terminal 3, The...

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Pound To Euro Exchange Rate Plunges: 9 Facts That Capture Brexit Carnage Around The World

(0) Comments | Posted 24 June 2016 | (15:31)

The UK's historic vote to leave the European Union has sent financial markets into chaos, as the world reacts the uncertainty of Britain's future.

After numerous economic experts warned of recession and chaos after a Brexit outcome, it seems that - at least in the very short term...

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Remain Supporters' Despair Over EU Referendum Results 'Nailed' By FT Reader

(0) Comments | Posted 24 June 2016 | (10:46)

A Financial Times reader comment mourning the EU Referendum result has been hailed for succinctly summing up the sadness of Remain supporters.

The comment, written by journalist Nicholas Barrett on the FT's website, has been shared thousands of times online, after announcing Britain now lives in "a...

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EU Referendum Results: Young 'Screwed By Older Generations' As Polls Suggest 75% Backed Remain

(0) Comments | Posted 24 June 2016 | (07:48)

An age breakdown of EU Referendum polling shows young voters overwhelmingly supported Remain while older people backed Brexit, leading to claims that baby boomers were "screwing the younger generations over yet again".

75% of people aged 18-24 claimed they voted for Remain in the YouGov survey...

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Pound To Euro Exchange Rate Crashes As EU Referendum Result Sends Sterling To 30-Year-Low While Dollar Forecast Plummets

(0) Comments | Posted 24 June 2016 | (06:13)

  • FTSE 100 makes a slight recovery after losing £122bn in value

  • Swiss central bank intervened in currency markets to limit the franc's rise amid market carnage

  • UK could lose its AAA credit rating


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EU Referendum Odds As Brexit Set To Be Most Betted-On Event In British Political History

(0) Comments | Posted 23 June 2016 | (14:48)

Betting in the EU referendum has swung behind Remain as punters rush to gamble on the vote before polls close at 10pm.

Betfair has put the odds of staying at 2/13 or 86%, while William Hill said Remain is...

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EU Referendum: German Newspaper Bild Promises To Accept 1966 World Cup Goal If Britain Stays In EU

(0) Comments | Posted 23 June 2016 | (10:17)

German tabloid Bild has promised to acknowledge England's controversial goal in the 1966 World Cup if Britain votes to stay in the EU, as UK newspapers make their final pleas to readers.

As Britain goes to the polls, Bild made a tongue-in-cheek offer to finally accept Geoff Hurst’s disputed...

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Icelandic Commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson Screams With Joy After Iceland's Euro 2016 Win Against Austria

(0) Comments | Posted 23 June 2016 | (09:01)

A football commentator's reaction to Iceland beating Austria in Euro 2016 has gone viral thanks to his wildly enthusiastic response.

Gudmundur Benediktsson, a former player for Iceland, couldn't contain his joy as the team scored a goal in the final minutes on Wednesday to win 2-1.

Benediktsson, who...

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EU Referendum Polls Open As Flooding Hits Polling Stations In South East England

(0) Comments | Posted 23 June 2016 | (07:27)

"Massive" queues have been reported at polling stations as the EU Referendum kicks off, despite torrential rain hitting parts of the country.

Polling stations have been flooded in areas including Kingston and Worcester Park, and one voter said they had...

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Alan Sugar Says Immigrant MP Gisela Stuart Shouldn't Have A Say In EU Referendum Debate

(0) Comments | Posted 22 June 2016 | (07:43)

Apprentice boss Lord Sugar has been called "racist" and "ridiculous" for saying a MP who supports Brexit should not “tell us British what we should do” because she is originally from Germany.

Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who is from Bavaria and moved...

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Am I Registered To Vote In The EU Referendum? How To Check Your Voter Registration

(0) Comments | Posted 21 June 2016 | (15:05)

Millions of people are heading to the polls today to decide if Britain remains part of the European Union, or will leave it forever.

If you are eligible to vote, you should have been sent a polling card in the post. If you aren't sure, read on to find...

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Ben Butler Guilty Of Killing 6-Year-Old Daughter Ellie And Plotting Cover-up With Partner

(0) Comments | Posted 21 June 2016 | (13:09)

“Evil” father Ben Butler has been jailed for at least 23 years for killing his six-year-old daughter in a fit of rage - 11 months...

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Which Newspapers Support Brexit In The EU Referendum?

(0) Comments | Posted 21 June 2016 | (09:29)

The Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror are the latest newspapers to announce their stance on the EU Referendum and Brexit.

Our list below reveals the stance of major papers as the EU race enters its last days, with The Times, Sun, Guardian and Mail on...

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Southern Rail And ScotRail Strikes Cancel Hundreds Of Trains And Bring Frustration, Irony And Humour

(0) Comments | Posted 21 June 2016 | (07:43)

Commuters in England and Scotland have faced disruption and frustration today as two separate 24-hour strikes see hundreds of trains cancelled.

The strikes on Southern and ScotRail will be in place all day on Tuesday, with no service on some routes and limited trains on others. 

Protests were held last night...

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