Lucinda Ellery
Lucinda Ellery is a fine hair specialist with more than 30 years of practice helping women restore their hair. Lucinda experienced hair loss herself at the age of 10 due to Alopecia induced by extreme stress. Knowing firsthand the impact of a “bad hair life,” she developed the Intralace system which integrates natural hair into a woman’s existing hair, creating a beautiful end result and potential for regrowth. The system is available at her studio, Lucinda Ellery Consultancy (, with locations in Los Angeles and the UK. Deemed the “Queen of Glamorous Hair,” Lucinda is a wealth of information as a result of her years of experience, firsthand knowledge and passion for all-things hair.

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National No Pulling Week - Time to Stop Pulling Your Hair Out

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Our hair is one of the first things that people notice about us, but more than that, it is one of the main presentations of "self" that we make to the outside world. The multi-billion-pound hair care industry is testament to the importance we place on our hair and we...

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