Masterclass 1: Gnocchi

11/12/2013 01:22 pm 13:22:44 | Updated 23 January 2014

One of our most loved dishes on the menu has to be any of our gnocchi recipes. I often get asked by people how to replicate our recipe and that often people struggle when it comes to making their own gnocchi at home, so I thought I'd share my kitchen secrets with you all.

Masterclass 1: Gnocchi

Step 1: boil the potatoes in their skin

Step 2: peel and scoop out the fleshy center

Step 3: pass through a ricer 2013-11-12-Riceit.jpg

Step 4: leave to steam off

Step 5: evenly sprinkle with pasta flour

Step 6: season with salt and cover evenly with grated Parmesan 2013-11-12-Seasonwithsaltandparmesan.jpg

Step 7: add a whole egg

Step 8: using a pastry scraper cut the egg into the mix

Step 9: keep cutting until a rough lose dough forms

Step 10: let the dough rest for twenty minutes 2013-11-12-letthedoughrest.jpg

Step 11: start to roll

Step 12: cut 2013-11-12-finishedgnocchi.jpg

Step 13: roast in salted foaming butter

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