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Femicide in South Africa: Reeva Steenkamp Was the Victim of Toxic Gender Inequality

(7) Comments | Posted 12 February 2015 | (10:51)

Reeva Steenkamp was gunned down two years ago on Valentine's Day, in a killing both horribly violent and domestic. Her killer, boyfriend Oscar Pistorius, is in a Pretoria prison cell facing a five-year sentence, but secure in the knowledge that he may only serve ten months of it. Pistorius wasn't...

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How Can You Tell If You're a Feminist?

(1) Comments | Posted 3 September 2014 | (20:41)

Beyonce, in the middle of last month's MTV Video Music awards, performed her song "Flawless" in front of a gigantic screen with FEMINIST emblazoned across it. She also flashed up Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's definition of feminism - someone who "believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes."

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The Home of Shi**y Banter

(0) Comments | Posted 26 November 2013 | (11:03)

Recently, I witnessed a scene of abuse carried out on an innocent person. In a fast food restaurant, I watched in horror as a group of drunk students hurled insults and poked fun at a woman attempting to clean the floor. They threw their drinks near her, shouted insulting names...

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Sexism Vs Racism: Why Lily Allen's 'Hard Out Here' Video Is Playing With Fire

(0) Comments | Posted 14 November 2013 | (15:47)

Earlier this week, Lily Allen released the video to her latest song Hard Out Here, branded as an ode to feminism. The video is aimed as a backlash to sexism and misogyny in pop culture, with multi-layered references to Robin Thicke's controversial video to Blurred Lines. In Lily's "version" she...

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Miley, Stop Being A Twerk - Why The Term Empowerment Is Meaningless

(0) Comments | Posted 28 October 2013 | (14:46)

I feel terribly sorry for Miley Cyrus - it is just one mistake after another. She placed herself firmly in the media spotlight earlier this year with her 'twerking' episode at the MTV Awards with Robin Thicke. And now, in another misguided effort, she has declared that all her controversial...

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In The Thicke Of It: Why Feminism Is Still Relevant

(0) Comments | Posted 10 September 2013 | (16:59)

Last week, a feminist parody of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' video was briefly removed from YouTube, after it was flagged as 'inappropriate content' by users. A group of women from the University of Auckland created the song and video as a feminist backlash against the original - in which we...

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What I Would Miss About The UK

(0) Comments | Posted 30 August 2013 | (17:13)

Yesterday, thanks to a train signal failure and a diverted route back to London, I spent six hours travelling through small towns in the Midlands. The most exciting part of my journey, aside from the lady opposite trying to plug her iPhone charger into my knee, was waiting until 12.01pm...

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For The Love Of Beard

(0) Comments | Posted 15 August 2013 | (13:17)

Beardgate 2013 has had me pondering about facial hair for most (some) of today. Debuted on Newsnight on Monday night, Jeremy Paxman's new facial fuzz - not the most impressive or bushiest of beards but a light grey carpet, if you will - launched thousands of Tweets, articles and online...

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Arm Yourself: Avoid A Sleeve Meltdown

(0) Comments | Posted 18 July 2013 | (15:56)

The pinnacle of anxiety when shopping for summer clothes, I have found, is the issue of sleeves. Short, long, spaghetti or strap, there is a lengthy list of what the desired arm coverage is. My current concern, though, is that the UK is in the middle of a heatwave. It...

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The Real North-South Divide

(0) Comments | Posted 4 July 2013 | (14:23)

I moved to London almost two years ago, to finish studying and pursue a career in journalism. Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, I went to school there before moving to Birmingham for my degree (gradually making my way down south via the crime hotspots of the UK) - and then...

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Beach Bum: Choosing Swimwear

(0) Comments | Posted 3 July 2013 | (14:35)

As I hop around the changing room, trying to get my feet into the correct holes of the bikini bottoms, I curse that I didn't opt for a cottage in the UK, where a pair of wellies and a cardigan would suffice. It's tedious to think that choosing swimwear is...

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The Wardrobe Of A Couch Potato

(0) Comments | Posted 25 June 2013 | (16:46)

Upon discovering that I couldn't walk up the stairs without having to have a lie down, I decided that it was time to face my ultimate fear. Exercise. Ever since my superficial attempts at netball as a teenager, I've rarely been in contact with a ball, racket or bat. The...

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The Perils Of Summer Workwear

(0) Comments | Posted 17 June 2013 | (14:38)

For one, fleeting week, the sun came out and it was the height of the British summer. In a flurry of sun, cider and sunglasses, the public stripped-off and it was all naked knees and strappy sandals. I love summer and enjoy giving my poor, bobbly old tights a rest,...

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