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The Future of the Media - In Jon We Trust

(0) Comments | Posted 29 January 2013 | (15:45)

In a world where the 'old media' (TV, Radio & Newspapers) are in decline, 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' is clearly the format for the future. Shows like this one will save television.

The 'old media' mediums have had their day in the sun. Rome is certainly on fire...

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21st Century Slavery in Great Britain

(6) Comments | Posted 30 December 2012 | (18:47)

It's been just over a year since riots shook London to its very core. But tell me, has anything really changed?

Before I start, no, I'm NOT a Communist. In fact, I'm not even 'a little bit pink'. It isn't relevant, but for the record, I'm more of a...

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Are We Making Our Royal Family 'Too Common'?

(1) Comments | Posted 27 December 2012 | (19:41)

Being in Great Britain this Christmas, I was finally able to watch the Queen's Christmas Day message... On Christmas Day. Now that might not sound like a big deal to you... But as three o'clock in the afternoon on Christmas Day in the UK is actually two in the morning...

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Virgin/Delta Partnership Will Smash Airline Cartels

(5) Comments | Posted 18 December 2012 | (00:14)

International Airlines Group boss, Willie Walsh lost that bizarre bet of a 'kick in the groin' with Sir Richard Branson before he even made it... That's because the Virgin Atlantic/Delta partnership is the biggest kick in the nuts that British Airways ever has and ever will receive!

Last week, Mr....

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You Cannot Kill a Person With a Phone Call

(86) Comments | Posted 10 December 2012 | (06:35)

As dawn broke in London this morning, half way around the world here in Sydney, another day was ending in the tragic tale of the prank call that severely missed its mark.

While you were sleeping, there has been action to assure this never happens again. The Radio Network,...

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Protect Freedom of the Press

(1) Comments | Posted 2 December 2012 | (23:06)

There were a lot of upset and angry people in England over the weekend.

There are still a lot of upset and angry people and I understand why. But believe it or not, the most upset and angry people among us are not the public, the politicians, or the...

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Middle East Peace: Forget and Forgive

(4) Comments | Posted 23 November 2012 | (05:27)

Today I am so glad that I am not a father.

How could any parent explain to their child the scenes we have witnessed this week?

I cannot begin to imagine how you can explain to children, gangs of angry men on motorcycles dragging bodies by their ankles through the...

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Thank Me For Smoking!

(0) Comments | Posted 13 November 2012 | (14:07)

I'm a smoker.

(I'll pause sufficiently for you to be outraged and disgusted... Got that out of the way? Good).

Now before you ask; No, I don't burn bibles, watch reality television or club baby seals to death... I simply enjoy a fag. Now, if you can hold your tongue...

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High Noon and High Tea at Downing Street

(0) Comments | Posted 7 November 2012 | (11:21)

When I was a kid, about this time every year my mother used to start soaking fruit in brandy to make the family's Christmas cakes and puddings. With a mischievous grin, once it was stored, I'd launch a full scale military operation, venture into the cold, dark pantry, crack open...

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Is Gen Y Ready to Rule the World?

(0) Comments | Posted 7 November 2012 | (00:15)

I recently read a rather damning quote attributed to a man I have a lot of respect and admiration for. I've always found this deep thinker's thoughts to be intelligent, measured, inspiring and profound; yet on this occasion, I couldn't believe how wrong he was!

Commenting on youth, he said...

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

(1) Comments | Posted 29 October 2012 | (11:56)

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics". If it was American humourist Twain or Prime Minister Disraeli who first coined the phrase, really... Who cares? All we need to know is it's a bloody good one!

Because it's a fact. Never believe a...

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Who's to Blame That the News Isn't Newsworthy?

(1) Comments | Posted 22 October 2012 | (15:50)

Anywhere in the world, it's a bad time to be a journalist. Once a romanticised occupation, we were seen as a bunch daring and fearless investigators. We were once loveable characters that were more often than not pictured as fedora clad, chain-smoking and heavy drinking scallywags. Yet these days when...

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Why Stop at the Stratosphere When We Can Reach the Stars?

(0) Comments | Posted 15 October 2012 | (15:20)

I take my cap off to Felix Baumgartner. Any person with the courage to rise 128,000 feet (24 miles) into the sky before jumping back down to Earth is a braver man than I will ever be... Hell, despite trying several times... I'm still too scared to ride the London...

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Keep the Union Jack Flying High

(0) Comments | Posted 7 October 2012 | (22:24)

Firstly... The question I need to ask is; "Do you think me strange for caring so much about a flag?"

I know that to some, fighting over "what flag flies where" might sound a bit petty and maybe even a touch 'precious'... And you might be asking why I think...

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What Type of Facebook User Are You?

(2) Comments | Posted 2 October 2012 | (08:29)

Every time I wander onto Facebook, I find myself feeling utterly depressed. As I grind down the day chained to my desk, I am constantly reminded I have no girlfriend, no money and am forced to work such long hours for such little pay and as a result I have...

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Let's Make Recreational Drugs Good for Schools

(0) Comments | Posted 23 September 2012 | (15:03)

"So, a Vicar, ex Member of Parliament and the father of a Pop Star all walk into a bar"...

This week Channel 4's "Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial" promises to be the biggest joke television has seen this year. Trying to keep a straight face, the programme-makers are claiming the...

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Please, Arm Your Police

(1) Comments | Posted 20 September 2012 | (10:20)

As a child I asked my mother on trip to London, why it was your Police did not carry guns?

Whether this is right or wrong, I will never forget her answer. She told me that the English did not want to encourage their criminals to carry firearms, so they...

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