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My Favourites of the Fringe

(1) Comments | Posted 26 August 2013 | (01:00)

So what were my finds of the Fringe this year? Reviewing for The List and sitting on the panel of the Amused Moose Laughter Award has highlighted plenty of acts I might not have seen otherwise.

A particular favourite was Al Lubel, who won the Moose...

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Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award

(0) Comments | Posted 23 August 2013 | (12:13)

The 33rd Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award short list has been announced. For those not familiar with the comedy world, it's the big award for best comedy show at the Fringe - though you can't be too big a star already to win it.

It was set up in...

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Arthur Smith's Nude Reviewer

(1) Comments | Posted 21 August 2013 | (13:40)

As I've done in previous years, as well as reviewing at the Fringe, I was to be in Arthur Smith's show. Now don't get excited, I can't sing, tell jokes or even juggle (well only if I'm allowed to drop the balls) but what I can do is stroll completely...

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How to Be a Critic and Not a Twat

(1) Comments | Posted 16 August 2013 | (20:24)

This week I find myself with something in common with Ed Miliband - we've both had people throw their groceries at us. The other day at 3pm people were throwing tomatoes at my face, well not my actual face, a photograph, but the principle's the same. When asked to supply...

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The Edinburgh Fringe - The Early Days

(0) Comments | Posted 12 August 2013 | (13:13)

My years of doing the Edinburgh Fringe for the full run reach double figures this year. And like most 10 year olds I'll probably be celebrating with a lot of sherbet dabs and a bit of a cry underneath a table.

After writing about comedy for four years I first...

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