Mark Restuccia
Mark Restuccia is a stand-up comedian, writer, voiceover artist and actor. There is literally nothing he doesn't do apart form dance. That doesn't mean he's rubbish at sex by the way, there are plenty of reasons for that. As well as that, he is the 'go to' guy for anything you need to know about Internet dating. He's currently doing his second solo show on the subject which is about how he's been exiled to the darker side of the internet due to becoming undatable since revealing himself as a chronic serial dater in last year's show. Anyway, he's turned that frown upside down and into a hilarious Edinburgh show which is on at Just the Tonic at Bristo Square Aug 1st-25th (not 13th). What a clever boy.

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30 Tinder Dates in 30 Days - Date Two

(0) Comments | Posted 3 December 2014 | (09:29)

What an atrocious night for a date. Why the hell would anyone ever agree to go out on a first date on a Friday night? It's the most exciting night of the week for people with grown-up jobs. For those that remember how to pull in the real world, it's...

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30 Tinder Dates in 30 Days - Date One

(0) Comments | Posted 3 December 2014 | (09:26)

Right. It's October. Most people are giving up drinking this month but I'm giving up not dating for 30 consecutive days. How? With my trustee little instant date genrating device - Tinder. Ooh, but how are you going to raise money for charity by dating?

Well, by generating interest...

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The Tinder Generation

(0) Comments | Posted 5 June 2014 | (14:38)

The day has finally arrived, where we can all openly admit that we're active Internet daters and not be embarrassed about it. I myself first started doing it when it was desperately uncool - in the days when it was just for people who wore ill-fitting jeans and national health...

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Blind Panic

(0) Comments | Posted 20 August 2013 | (15:34)

I'm at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This bloomin' festival is stressful at the best of times for us performers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... I know we only work for an hour a day, but we spend the other 23 hours drinking, so it's hard work you know.

I was...

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The Reinstatement of the King of Online Dating

(1) Comments | Posted 8 August 2013 | (22:19)

Right then. I'm on my way to this bloody Scotland thing AGAIN. Hopefully there'll be nobody from the comedy circuit that I find awkward on my train, because I am not in the mood for making small talk. I was planning on getting an early night last night, but then...

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