Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis is a British-born, Hollywood-based humorist, commentator, producer, radio host and marketing strategist.

Starting his career as a protégé of fabled Beatles publicist Derek Taylor – he has had a storied 40-year history as a journalist, columnist, writer, humorist, monologist, comedic performer, radio host, TV host, TV correspondent, Master of Ceremonies, producer (of movies, TV, radio, DVDs, stage shows and record albums), talent manager, record company owner, independent film distributor, film-festival curator, political commentator, pioneering organizer of benefit events, human rights activist - and as an award-winning publicity & marketing strategist. He is also a noted raconteur and Bon Vivant!

He is noted for working in many spheres of the arts, entertainment and media worlds simultaneously (music, comedy, film, stage, DVD, TV, radio, literature, political commentary etc) - and for successfully undertaking several different roles in these endeavors - including writing, performing and producing. He is also highly regarded for the creation and implementation of the publicity and marketing strategies and campaigns to promote his - and other people's - projects.

Among his many film, TV and DVD productions - he produced the legendary Secret Policeman's Ball series of benefit shows/movies/albums for Amnesty International (1976-1984) starring Monty Python, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Rowan Atkinson & Billy Connolly et al; The DVD Editions of The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show and the Who's The Kids Are Alright. He personally recruited Pete Townshend, Sting, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Bob Geldof, Phil Collins et al to join Amnesty International's ranks and produced their landmark solo performances for the organization.

He offers his perspectives (sometimes serious – often sardonic) on politics and pop culture for a broad spectrum of worldwide media outlets including MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and the BBC. He has written extensively for, and For several years he hosted his own daily 4-hour radio show heard internationally on Sirius Satellite Radio – on Steven Van Zandt’s Underground Garage channel.

He likes living in Hollywood because it constantly lulls him into a false sense of in-security.

Lewis is currently developing concepts for several new TV and radio shows. He also has a few breakfasts in development - and a couple of lunches in turnaround...

He is The World’s LEAST-Reserved Englishman… MARTIN LEWIS!

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Now Then! Now Then! Sir George Young Gives Sir Jimmy Savile 'ell!

(1) Comments | Posted 20 October 2012 | (05:47)

Apparently accuracy, attention-to-detail and proof-reading were not on the curriculum at Eton when the young George Young was educated there.

Or -- to give new Tory Chief Whip Georgie his full name -- George Samuel Knatchbull Young (6th Baronet)!

Just hours after he was appointed as Chief Whip to replace...

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Open Letter to My Very Dear Old Chum -- David Cameron

(3) Comments | Posted 18 July 2011 | (14:12)

Dear Dave,

I hope you won't consider it a betrayal of our old and deep friendship for me to write an open letter to you in the Huffington Post.

If we're both honest about it, it wasn't much of a friendship anyway. More of a.... correspondence. I sent you an...

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Potter Rains Pennies From Heaven on Cancerous Rupert's Parade

(0) Comments | Posted 15 July 2011 | (00:00)

Anyone who grew up, as I did, in Britain in the 1960s, well remembers the arrival into our cultural midst of Rupert Murdoch. Like a cross between Barry McKenzie and Les Patterson - but without their charm and intellect. First he took over the News Of The World. Then he...

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Andy Coulson's Moment of Truth

(11) Comments | Posted 8 July 2011 | (08:43)

Good day Andy Coulson!

You must be oh so very proud today.

Rupert Murdoch - the tyrannical mogul you served for nineteen years from your first Fleet Street "journalistic" experience working on The Sun until you resigned in disgrace from the editorship of The News Of The World in 2007...

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