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Never Having to Vote in Another Election Could Be Something Worth Voting For

(16) Comments | Posted 18 December 2014 | (00:25)

What if you could vote to exchange your right to vote for an equal opportunity to participate directly in government? How about if that meant an end to the political parties of which the data suggests you're unlikely to be a member and the career politicians in whom...

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In an Age of Space Travel, Why Are We Governed by a System From the Era of the Horse and Carriage?

(10) Comments | Posted 17 December 2014 | (10:47)

The Palace of Westminster approaching a state of near collapse with parliament too scared of the electorate to sanction the estimated £3bn cost of repairs is a perfect metaphor for a system of government in terminal decline.

Animosity towards politicians being what it is, the prospect of the...

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A Revolution Is Necessary, But We'll Have To Vote For It.

(8) Comments | Posted 15 November 2013 | (13:00)

I'm not a comedian or a celebrity. Neither am I a junkie or a cheeky monkey. I'm not promoting a tour or a book or a career. I'm not a wannabe politician, a journalist, a lobbyist or a political propagandist. I'm not even an academic.

I am sufficiently well educated...

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The Political System Doesn't Work For Most Of Us, So Let's Change It

(101) Comments | Posted 5 June 2013 | (01:00)

The tenth annual Audit of Political Engagement from the Hansard Society, a non-partisan parliamentary political research charity, suggests fundamental constitutional change is needed urgently as more people now want to participate directly in government than intend to vote in the next general election.

Just 41% of...

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British Democracy Is Dead

(3) Comments | Posted 8 May 2013 | (13:50)

What's 23% of nothing? It's nothing, obviously. So what's 23% of 27%? It's more than nothing, clearly, but not a lot more. Actually it's 6%, the proportion of the electorate that voted for UKIP in last week's council elections. Since 73% of electors who could have voted chose not to...

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Virtual Currency Would Give Scots Virtual Independence

(2) Comments | Posted 30 April 2013 | (12:12)

Last week's opening skirmish in Scotland's War of Independence exposed a flaw in the nationalist battle plan that the unionists were quick to exploit: an independent Scotland would continue to use the Great British pound, irrespective of threats from Westminster.

In the halcyon days before the crisis, the euro seemed...

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You and I Could Run the Economy Better Than Osborne or Balls

(30) Comments | Posted 26 March 2013 | (00:00)

I have a Diploma in Art and Design from Hornsey College of Art. George Osborne has a second-class degree in Modern History from Magdalen College, Oxford. By any sensible measure, neither of us is qualified to be Chancellor of the Exchequer but Osborne's got the gig. It's hardly surprising, then,...

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Whoever Wins in Eastleigh, We'll Still Hate Politicians

(37) Comments | Posted 22 February 2013 | (00:00)

The half-term general election rehearsal currently underway in Eastleigh might be fascinating those in the politics business but the result won't begin to restore the electorate's trust in politicians.

Whether or not Nick Clegg's broken promises shake the loyalties of Lib Dem voters; whether or not Maria Hutchings's distain for...

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