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Matt Bamford-Bowes is the co-founder and CEO of Next Bigger Better, a business whose sole aim is to inpsire 1m+ young people about entrepreneurship. Next Bigger Better do this through entrepreneurial training and investment into young people's ideas, helping them become fully-fledged businesses. With a 12 year career in advertising and media, Matt's skills have always been about making well-known brands such as T-Mobile, IKEA, Jaguar and Land Rover, perform better through strategy and creativity. It is this that he now applies to help young people create fast growth businesses. "The reason we started this is because no one else seemed like they wanted to and so we found investment, some great people and launched it ourselves". Matt is a big believer in not standing by when you have the skills to help other people and wants Next Bigger Better to become synonymous with the rise of the teen entrepreneur.

Blog Entries by Matt Bamford-Bowes

This Government Doesn't Really Care About Britain's Youths

(0) Comments | Posted 22 November 2012 | (17:09)

I'd love to paint a different picture than the one I'm going to paint. However, in the last few months it has become abundantly clear that the government doesn't genuinely care about Britain's Youths. Yes, it has launched the Start-up loan scheme, although some would argue that this barely scratches...

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Why We're Fighting to Find Britain's 'Lost Generation'

(0) Comments | Posted 8 November 2012 | (00:00)

In many ways my generation found life incredibly easy. We generally had a pretty simple path. Go to school, try to fit in, break a few rules, learn why breaking the rules isn't a good thing, get exam results, go to university, party, get a degree, get a job. We...

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