Matt Barbet
I was born in Chester in 1976, but grew up across the border in North Wales. Following school, I headed south to university in Cardiff. After graduating, I stayed in the city for another year at its Journalism School. I had always wanted to be in London though, so with formal education over and meagre local radio experience under my belt, I managed to land a job at ITN Radio in 1999.

Since then, I've reported and presented at the BBC, on Radio 1 and London News, and on Five News, with a few stints elsewhere. I've also done the odd bit of writing for newspapers and magazines. My career has taken me round the world; from the famine-hit highlands of Ethiopia to Washington DC as America elected its first black president. I've seen the newly-wed William and Kate kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and been watched by the Taleban while embedded with British forces in Afghanistan.

I believe stories make the world go round, and it's a privilege being able to tell them to others. Away from the camera though, they're more of the Gruffalo variety these days, as my wife Katie and I have two young daughters, Manon and Blythe.

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Tired and Tested

(1) Comments | Posted 9 October 2012 | (01:00)

As I write, I'm rubbing my eyes in vain, trying to wipe away the vague fug of tiredness that now seems to plague me most days during this time. By mid-afternoon, my circadian rhythm usually gets the better of me and I start to flag. Such is the effect of...

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