Matt Roper
Matt Roper is a comedian and writer. He first gained prominence in a series of stage sketch shows and satirical adventures, dabbling in stand-up comedy and making music. He then embarked on a five-year sporadic hiatus in which he travelled Asia without purpose, finding himself teaching in China, bumming about in India, riding a bicycle through the tea plantations of Bangladesh, and contracting pneumonia in Thailand. He is best known for his creation of Wilfredo, a musical character comedy phenomenon who has established a cult following on the British music festival scene for his outlandish behaviour and his peacenik philosophy. Matt lives in north London with his guitar, his camera and not a decent pair of shoes to his name.

Entries by Matt Roper

Fringe Diaries: Routines

(0) Comments | Posted 11 August 2015 | (00:00)

So here I sit, beneath the large window of a first-floor Georgian flat, exploring the corridors of my sordid imagination for comedic words of beauty. So far today I'm failing to produce anything even slightly entertaining. Comedy, eh? Successful writers say you should never work from a desk with a...

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Edinburgh, You Tart

(0) Comments | Posted 4 August 2014 | (00:56)

Oh Edinburgh, you tart. I've never seen you out of festival time. Except for one Hogmanay when I was eleven years old and I fell asleep on the settee back at my mate's house and missed the whole thing. You are a beauty. This is third time we've been together...

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Matt Roper Has Woken Up In Style

(0) Comments | Posted 24 September 2013 | (09:59)

This morning I woke up on the floor of a strange flat at seven thirty next to a member of the Moldovan national swimming team. I've excelled myself with that one. Astonishing. It is, of course, a great sign from the Gods that I ought not to be drinking in...

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Freedom From Fear: Remembering Comedian U Pa Pa Lay

(1) Comments | Posted 6 August 2013 | (15:34)

U Pa Pa Lay is dead. According to sources in Burma, the comedian died at 1pm last Friday, 2 August 2013. Three times jailed by the Burmese junta for exercising his right to freedom of expression, one of his most famous jokes was this one:

I came all the way...

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Matt Roper Is Being Held Upside Down By Mother Nature

(0) Comments | Posted 19 June 2013 | (18:23)

Beautiful Creatures.

I'm shattered. Exhausted. Spent. Yet in spite of that, here I am slaving away again, typing my fingers down to the bone in order to entertain you, the selective masses of the Pulitzer Prize winning Huffington Post. As if there isn't anything better I could be doing...

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Matt Roper Has Woken Up In Lewes

(2) Comments | Posted 24 May 2013 | (09:45)

This morning I woke up in Lewes. Sober. Almost immediately I cracked my nose on the fridge door. Then I made a cup of tea only to find I'd used an Earl Grey teabag which I detest with all my heart and soul. It wouldn't have surprised me at this...

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Oolong Tea With Mussolini

(0) Comments | Posted 18 May 2013 | (12:22)

It's been three months now and it has to be said. I'm such a prickly and cantankerous teetotal non-smoker - I'm the worst ad anyone could possibly be for abstaining from anything.

Enjoy yourselves, people. There's nothing to be gained from living like this. It's not so much the booze...

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Noodle Soup and Sympathy

(2) Comments | Posted 21 April 2013 | (06:16)

At the hospital I ask for a physio but the doc, after going through a list of questions, wants to have me scanned. I'm taken down to the ultrasound room where a specialist works his way down my leg from the groin to the ankle, grunting satisfactorily as he does...

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(0) Comments | Posted 16 December 2012 | (02:53)

Christmas has arrived in London Town, and what a stench of vulgarity it brings with it. You can't move without being reminded of it. Even my beloved Govinda's Restaurant, where the food is made with love and joy by the Hare Krishna devotees, have decided to spray their windows with...

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Matt Roper is Seeking Inspiration

(3) Comments | Posted 17 October 2012 | (19:12)

I haven't written a single word in the last six weeks, apart from throwing bits and pieces onto a song I started writing in June. Terrible business, when I think about it.

I have two vintage typewriters. One just about works and the other hasn't a hope in hell,...

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Matt Roper is Tapping Away Laboriously

(0) Comments | Posted 23 August 2012 | (13:35)

Being encouraged to climb a fibre-glass cow at quarter to four in the morning with two girls from Lancaster and an accountant named Henry is exactly the sort of thing I promised myself to avoid during the Edinburgh Festival this year. But there on top of a fibre-glass cow I...

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Masturbatory Humdrum

(0) Comments | Posted 14 August 2012 | (13:46)

It's such a bubble, this Fringe business. Last August we were all up here promoting our own sordid offerings while the riots were raging in London and beyond. It felt so trite, selling an hour of self-penned masturbatory humdrum. This year it's been the Olympics, which has seemed at least...

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A Fish In A Tank

(1) Comments | Posted 10 August 2012 | (13:06)


Hello, Beautiful Creatures. Here I am. Now a blogger for the Huffington Post. Could a greater honour be bestowed on such a humble clown as I? I think not. And if you're still reading this by the end of the fourth paragraph then we're destined...

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