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Michael Gove, and the False Allure of Shiny Buttons

Posted 9 September 2011 | 23:29:30 (EST)

It may be an unfortunate and irrelevant coincidence that the enquiry into the illegal killing of Baha Mousa by British soldiers in Iraq should come so soon after the re-announcement and promotion of the Government's plans (the original proposal is three years old) to recruit retired military personnel...

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Rioters Protest in the Language of Materialism

Posted 7 September 2011 | 14:01:51 (EST)

August is supposed to be a dead month, news-wise: 'silly season', the political commentators call it. But with the violence of a teenager throwing a wheelie bin through the window of JJB Sports, that rule has been destroyed. Though they don't have the immediate economic consequences of the banking crisis,...

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