Max Tholl
Born and raised in Luxembourg, I came over to the U.K. to do a B.A. in History and Politics at Leicester University, followed by a MSc in Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I am currently living in London where I am doing a M.A. in Political Journalism at City University. My main interests include: international and transnational politics (especially with regards to security and environmental issues), political communication and political culture.

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The Threat That Could Ensure Peace: Why a Nuclear Iran Doesn't Equal War

21 Comments | Posted 4 April 2012 | (00:00)

Let's jump ahead a few years and imagine the following: despite all efforts by Israel and possibly the U.S., Iran has managed to build nuclear weapons and would now be ready to engage in nuclear warfare with its Israeli counterpart. However, instead of a nuclear Armageddon, peace dominates the political...

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