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Mehdi Hasan is the political director of the Huffington Post UK, co-author of ED: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader and author of The Debt Delusion. He presents The Cafe on Al Jazeera English.

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I Was a Teenage Europhile - But the EU's Sadistic Austerity and Lack of Democracy Have Changed My Mind

(28) Comments | Posted 20 November 2014 | (00:00)

"Any chance of a retweet?" the Conservative MEP and ardent Eurosceptic Daniel Hannan asked me on Twitter a few days ago. He was highlighting a video that singles out British politicians and business leaders who called for the UK to join the euro back in the late 1990s. The video...

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Hiding Anti-Muslim Bigotry Behind 'Free Speech' Won't Work

(90) Comments | Posted 18 November 2014 | (23:16)

Oh dear. What I am being accused of, and attacked for, now?

Apparently, I want to block all criticism of Islam or Muslims in the press and, effectively, ban free speech.

"A lie," as the old saying goes, "will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on."...

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Lisa Nandy Interview: 'Ed Miliband Is A Different Sort Of Politician'

(8) Comments | Posted 13 November 2014 | (16:28)

A couple of years ago, on a wet weekday night in Wigan, the local Labour MP Lisa Nandy was traipsing through the streets urging residents to sign her petition to 'save the NHS' from 'Tory privatisation'.

"It was pouring with...

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Five Questions for Anyone Who Says 'It's Not Racist to Talk About Immigration'

(480) Comments | Posted 10 November 2014 | (13:01)

Are you as fed up as I am with what passes for a "debate" over immigration in this country? With the utter falsehoods and lazy generalisations? With the fact-free premises and contorted conclusions?

There are two statements (assumptions?) in particular, repeated incessantly by people on the left and right alike,...

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David Lammy Interview: Labour Should Be A Pro-Immigration Party

(25) Comments | Posted 10 November 2014 | (12:16)

"I think that the next general election is going to be phenomenally close."

David Lammy is sitting in the corner of his parliamentary office on the ground floor of the Norman Shaw North building in Westminster. Dressed in a light...

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Mehdi's Minute: From Ed Miliband's Troubles to Not-So-Calamity Clegg to George 'Nick' Clooney

(4) Comments | Posted 7 November 2014 | (09:00)

Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on Ed Miliband's troubles, Nick Clegg's comeback and the George Clooney comparison?

Here's the political week in 60 seconds.

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Anas Sarwar, Sottish Labour Deputy Leader, Says Iraq War Boosted SNP

(42) Comments | Posted 29 October 2014 | (11:53)

The Iraq war damaged the Labour Party in Scotland and boosted the anti-war SNP, according to the party's new interim leader.

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK, Labour's Anas Sarwar said: "In terms of a fundamental credibility gap, [it] was clearly around the war in Iraq.. When we...

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Mehdi's Minute: From Ukip's 'Calypso Song' to Barack Obama's Embarrassing 'Brother'

(7) Comments | Posted 24 October 2014 | (01:00)

Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on the Ukip 'Calypso song'; their new Holocaust-denying ally in Europe; and Obama's coolness versus Cameron's coolness?

Here's the political week in 60 seconds.

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Why Arming the Kurds Is the Only Option - Even for Anti-War Progressives in the West

(29) Comments | Posted 23 October 2014 | (01:00)

Quiz question: who said that the west must "strengthen the Kurdish fighters, who are doing a good job of fighting Isil"? Was it: a) US senator John McCain, b) former prime minister Tony Blair, or c) Respect MP, George Galloway? Yep, you guessed right. It wasn't the neocon McCain or...

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Mehdi's Minute: Freudian Slips, Tory 'Traitors' and the Fight Against Ebola

(2) Comments | Posted 17 October 2014 | (01:00)

Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on Lord Freud's latest gaffe, on the disabled and the minimum wage, on the ongoing Tory/Ukip love-in and on how Dave is trying to dodge the debates?

Here's the political week in 60 seconds.

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Cracking Down on Immigration Won't Help Labour See Off Ukip

(122) Comments | Posted 10 October 2014 | (15:47)

It didn't take long, did it? Within hours of the by-election result in Heywood and Middleton, where Ukip zoomed into second place just 617 votes behind the winning Labour candidate, a chorus of voices began urging Her Majesty's Opposition tack to the right on immigration in order to see off...

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General David Richards: We Could Beat Isis In Six Months With Boots On The Ground

(28) Comments | Posted 8 October 2014 | (16:14)

The West's war against IS could be "over in six months" if the US and UK governments were to put "boots on the ground", the former head of the British armed forces has said.

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK, General David Richards, who stepped down as...

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David Richards: 'As A General, I Could Literally Change The Fortunes Of A Nation'

(1) Comments | Posted 7 October 2014 | (14:14)

"If western boots were on the ground," David Richards, the former head of the British armed forces tells me, "if western armies were to be applied to the problem [of the so-called Islamic State, or IS], it could be over in...

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Mehdi's Minute: Cameron's Gaffes, Daughters Vs Deficits and Defections to Ukip

(1) Comments | Posted 3 October 2014 | (01:00)

Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on David Cameron's conference speech on Wednesday? And on the Tory defections to Ukip?

Here's the political week in 60 seconds.

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Ed Miliband Gives A Poor Speech At Labour Conference, But Will It Really Stop Him Winning?

(36) Comments | Posted 23 September 2014 | (16:44)

There are two things you need to know about Ed Miliband's setpiece speech at Labour's last party conference before the 2015 general election.

The first is that it was, without a shadow of a doubt, the weakest conference speech he has delivered since becoming leader of the Labour Party...

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Scottish Independence: What Is The West Lothian Question And Is There An Answer To It?

(61) Comments | Posted 19 September 2014 | (10:21)

In a parliamentary debate on devolution to Scotland and Wales on 14 November 1977, the then Labour MP for West Lothian, Tam Dalyell, rose to his feet to speak. "For how long will English constituencies and English Honourable members tolerate.. at least 119 Honourable Members from Scotland, Wales and Northern...

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Scottish Independence: 'Lacklustre' Labour Must Learn Lessons From The 'Negative' No Campaign

(245) Comments | Posted 19 September 2014 | (00:34)

On Monday morning, I bumped into a senior member of the shadow cabinet, who was standing with a pair of aides to Ed Miliband at Euston station, all of them clutching trolley bags. "We're off to save the union," said the shadow minister, with a grin. "And we're not coming...

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The First 'War on Terror' Was a Failure - Do We Really Need a Sequel?

(32) Comments | Posted 18 September 2014 | (13:09)

It's difficult to disagree with the verdict of Barack Obama. The Isis terrorists, the US president declared in a televised address on 10 September, "are unique in their brutality... They enslave, rape and force women into marriage. They threatened a religious minority with genocide. In acts of barbarism, they took...

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ISIS Is Trying To 'Suck The West' Into A New War In Iraq, Warns Top Terrorism Expert

(57) Comments | Posted 17 September 2014 | (12:06)

ISIS is deliberately trying "to suck the west" into a new war in Iraq, one of the world's leading experts on Islamist terrorism has warned.

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK, former FBI supervisory special agent Ali Soufan, who spearheaded the bureau's hunt for Osama bin Laden in the run-up...

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Labour To 'Cancel Annual Party Conference' If Scotland Votes 'Yes'

(193) Comments | Posted 16 September 2014 | (21:27)

The Labour Party is preparing to cancel the bulk of its party conference next week in the event of a Yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum, the Huffington Post UK has learned.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, senior Labour sources confirmed that the party high command would...

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