Mimi Bekhechi
Mimi Bekhechi began working for PETA in 2007. As PETA UK's Director, Bekhechi is responsible for overseeing PETA UK's campaigns and marketing as well as its education and media departments. Bekhechi previously served as the organisation's operations manager and coordinated PETA UK's campaign work in her subsequent role as manager of special projects.

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Words Have the Power to Change Lives, Both Human and Animal - We Should Let Them

(0) Comments | Posted 25 June 2015 | (14:32)

As a writer, I have a fascination with and appreciation for the English language. It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it's equally true that a word can be worth a thousand pictures. Words are powerful. Think about the weight behind simple phrases such as "I...

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Unbearable Cruelty: 'The Island With Bear Grylls'

(29) Comments | Posted 23 May 2015 | (00:00)

As part of the Channel 4 reality show The Island With Bear Grylls, contestants were filmed creeping up on a sleeping pig and plunging a knife into the animal's neck. The pig could be heard screaming in pain and terror. In a previous episode of the show, contestants tracked down...

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Cruelty Charges Long Overdue for Foie Gras Farmers

(12) Comments | Posted 30 March 2015 | (00:00)

Last month, a judge struck down California's ban on the sale of foie gras. Focusing on a technicality, he ruled that foie gras is an "ingredient" and therefore covered by the US Poultry Products Inspection Act, which state law cannot override. Fortunately, California's attorney general has appealed the ruling. If...

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Let's Weigh in on the Cruelty in Zoos

(33) Comments | Posted 7 January 2015 | (23:00)

People don't often contemplate how a particular tradition got started, but we should certainly think about it when it's time for tradition to make way for progress. The annual zoo "weigh-in" is a great place to start.

Many zoos use this gimmick to attract visitors and garner...

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Are You Wearing Dog Skin?

(2) Comments | Posted 23 December 2014 | (23:00)

Take a peek inside your wardrobe. Do you have any leather gloves or belts? Leather handbags or wallets? Unless you are a long-time vegan, you probably have something made of leather. If so, then now may be the time to bury that dead skin. As a new investigation has revealed,...

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There's No Such Thing as 'Ethical Fur'

(95) Comments | Posted 7 December 2014 | (23:00)

The majority of the British public - that's 95% of us - refuse to wear real fur. Among the few heartless people who casually sling a dead animal across their shoulders, some claim that they only wear 'ethically' or 'humanely' sourced fur.

You might be wondering how on Earth...

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Keep Cruelty Out of Christmas

(7) Comments | Posted 25 November 2014 | (23:00)

What do penguins have to do with Christmas? The answer, of course, is absolutely nothing. Yet in an effort to attract shoppers by any means, one shopping centre in Doncaster is planning a "real-life penguin parade" at the end of the month as part of a season of...

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When It Comes to Exploiting Animals on Screen, We're Moving in the Right Direction

(7) Comments | Posted 27 October 2014 | (23:00)

I was shocked last week to see a real chimpanzee in One Direction's new music video for Steal My Girl - shocked not only because the animal who was seen lovingly played with by band members Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik is known to have come from an...

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See the World, Just Not SeaWorld

(1) Comments | Posted 7 August 2014 | (17:39)

The United States is still a go-to destination for many British families setting off on holiday this August - and with good reason. Unforgettable sights such as the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls make for lifetime memories. But one destination that kind families should never put on their itinerary is...

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Let's Honour All War Veterans

(2) Comments | Posted 4 August 2014 | (10:29)

Growing up in Belgium I was regularly reminded of the sacrifices made and lives lost during World War I - which began 100 years ago - and I am grateful that they are being remembered and honoured this week. Millions were killed and maimed in this conflict. Among...

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World Trade Organisation's Decision Gets Seal of Approval From Peta (and Seals)

(5) Comments | Posted 27 May 2014 | (09:09)

Some weeks make you especially proud to be an animal rights advocate. Last week was one of them.

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has upheld a ruling that allows the European Union to ban seal fur imports on moral grounds.

Canada fought desperately to have the ban repealed,...

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Cruelty Still Flies With Air France

(5) Comments | Posted 24 May 2014 | (00:00)

The skies are getting friendlier for our fellow primates, now that all major airlines but one have banned shipments of monkeys destined for laboratories in the EU, the US and elsewhere. As a result, owners of primate prisons everywhere are finding it increasingly difficult to fill their ghastly...

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We Must Resolve to Get Animals Out of Laboratories

(7) Comments | Posted 23 April 2014 | (10:33)

This time next year, we'll be in the midst of election frenzy. Politicians from all sides will be making promises. Last time, the coalition pledged to reduce the number of animals used in experiments, but the latest Home Office figures show that more animals are being used in...

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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day: Go Vegan

(1) Comments | Posted 21 April 2014 | (19:16)

We've long been aware of many of the simple steps that we can take to make our lives greener, such as recycling and switching to energy-saving light bulbs. Indeed, when it comes to the environment, many activists advocate the three Rs - recycling, reusing and reducing. But while these actions...

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Crufts: Worst in Show

(6) Comments | Posted 10 March 2014 | (08:27)

Last weekend saw the latest instalment of the annual parade of miserable genetic freaks known as 'Crufts'. Dogs are smart, complex animals - not bonsai trees to be contorted into shapes that please us. Beneath the coiffed exterior of many of the dogs paraded around Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre lies...

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Auf Weidersehn, Pet Kingdom: Good Riddance

(2) Comments | Posted 24 January 2014 | (13:16)

Harrods' Pet Kingdom will shut its doors for the last time at the end of the month, ending nearly 100 years of shameful animal exploitation, and here at PETA, we couldn't be happier to hear it. In its time, Harrods has flogged every species of animal for the right price....

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This Holiday Season, Don't Buy Into Cruelty

(9) Comments | Posted 23 December 2013 | (12:29)

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, you've no doubt made your lists and are busy checking them twice. While many shoppers go for bargains and convenience, I urge caring consumers to make sure that they're also spending their hard-earned cash with compassion in mind - by looking beyond...

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A Response to Princess Anne - You Can't Help Horses by Eating Them

(106) Comments | Posted 17 November 2013 | (23:00)

Compassionate people were taken aback - to say the least - by Princess Anne's extraordinary pronouncement on Thursday that horses' welfare could be improved by eating them. What should we expect next from the Royals? Will the Queen suggest we eat corgi sandwiches?

The Princess Royal's argument,...

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When It Comes to Fur, Choose Compassion

(17) Comments | Posted 19 October 2013 | (00:00)

In a recent opinion piece for Huffington Post, disgraced former MP Mark Oaten attempts to justify the unjustifiable - the cruel killing of animals for their fur - by calling the decision to purchase fur a "personal choice". Some things, of course, are a matter of choice -...

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Iran Is Repeating the Wasteful and Deadly Cold War-Era Space Experiments on Animals

(71) Comments | Posted 18 September 2013 | (00:00)

On October 18 1963, the French government launched a rocket from Algeria 120 miles above the Earth. Inside was a cat named Félicette, who had her skull cut open and electrodes implanted to measure her brain activity. She fell back to Earth in a capsule...

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