Minna Salami
Minna Salami writes, speaks and advocates on a broad range of Africa, Diaspora and feminist issues. She writes the award-winning blog, MsAfropolitan, and is a member of the Duke University Educator Network as well as the Guardian’s (UK) Africa Network. Follow her on Twitter @MsAfropolitan

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'Toxic Wars' vs. Conscientious Feminism

(0) Comments | Posted 14 July 2014 | (23:25)

In July 1992, an international conference Women in Africa and in the African Diaspora (WAAD) was held in Nigeria. WAAD was a rare event: an interdisciplinary and international conference about African women in Africa. The conference, which took place in the Eastern town of Nsukka, during an unusually...

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Meditate Your Way Through Negative Articles About Black Women

(1) Comments | Posted 24 August 2012 | (23:16)

Seriously, hardly a day passes by without sensational news articles claiming things such as:

Black women want to be fat
Black women are more likely to develop cervical cancer than any other group
Black women are the most...

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Hair-Raising Conversations

(0) Comments | Posted 6 August 2012 | (00:00)

Hair may be seen as a woman's crowning glory, but in African heritage societies it is much more than that. In all its variations: extended, plaited in an endless variety of patterns, decorated with cultural adornments, locked, naturally loose, sparkling with oil or carefree and frizzy, black hairstyles and particularly...

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African App Developers Gain Recognition at Mobile Premier Awards

(1) Comments | Posted 3 February 2012 | (01:25)

The world's best 20 global apps from the AppCircus 2011 World Tour have been announced and three of the finalists are of African origin whilst two of these are the only women to make it to the top 20.

The three are Ugandan Christine Ampaire, of

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Fashioning Africa Exotic, Colonial And Tribal

(0) Comments | Posted 19 September 2011 | (00:00)

African style is very much in vogue. Numerous runways in both New York and London fashion weeks could as well be called African fashion week. There were African influenced textiles such as the Malian Bogolan, also known as tribal in Donna Karan-review-speak. Proenza Schouler also gave a preview...

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Addressing Race Relations in the UK After the Riots

(4) Comments | Posted 19 August 2011 | (19:06)

On the second day of the UK riots I boarded a flight from Finland to London where I live. Before take off I went through tweets containing the #londonriots hash tag. I then tweeted my shock over the amount of racist comments to do with the riots. Three hours later...

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