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How to Recover Your Garden After Flooding and Storm Damage

(0) Comments | Posted 8 March 2014 | (18:29)

Both the UK and parts of the US (and several other parts of our planet) have been experiencing stormy weather in the last few weeks. How on earth do you recover your garden after a flood? Usually people, pets and houses come first. But for a gardener, the loss of...

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Planting Design for Winter Gardens

(1) Comments | Posted 31 January 2013 | (23:00)

Amongst keen gardeners there is some debate about whether or not to 'tidy up' perennials in Autumn. This really is to stop your garden having lots of brown dead-looking plants in your garden for a few months until they shoot up again. Over the last decade or so, amongst some...

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Garden Design Trends for 2013

(3) Comments | Posted 25 January 2013 | (23:00)

Last year (which seems only five minutes ago by the way!) we made some predictions for the trends in garden design and gardening for 2012. We believe we were pretty spot on with most of them! This year - we predict some more radical changes in the world of gardening,...

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MyGardenSchool's Gardening and Garden Design Trend Predictions for 2012

(1) Comments | Posted 17 January 2012 | (13:57)

1. Less Lawns; More Planting.
As people all over the world become more aware of their own energy consumption and contribution to the environment, we predict that contemporary garden design in some countries will favour less lawn, more planting. A well-manicured lawn consumes a lot of energy, both in...

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Gardening: Make Your New Year's Resolutions Work Harder in 2012

(3) Comments | Posted 9 January 2012 | (23:26)

Want to lose weight? Have more fun? Get more creative? Improve body and mind?
Achieve it all by taking up gardening this year.

Gardening is the perfect way for you to achieve your recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day, lose weight and tone up. You're also creating...

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Top 10 Last Minute Gardening Gifts for Christmas

(0) Comments | Posted 20 December 2011 | (14:27)

1. Gift an online gardening course, the perfect gift for your loved ones wherever they are in the world. It's relevant for any country, instantly, and you can buy an online gardening course as a last minute present right up until Christmas Eve!

2. Bronze Garden...

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Top 10 Tips for a Sparkling Christmas Tree

(0) Comments | Posted 19 December 2011 | (21:39)

This article was written in conjunction with Andy McIndoe, one of Britain's leading horticulturists and a tutor at MyGardenSchool, where he teaches 'A Professional Guide to Choosing, Using and Planting Shrubs'; 'Choosing, Using and Planting Trees'; 'Expert Guide: Spring Bulbs'; and 'How...

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10 Reasons to Take a Gardening Course This Winter

(2) Comments | Posted 27 November 2011 | (12:23)

Whether you want to design your own garden, grow your own, learn henkeeping or understand flower photography - here are 10 reasons why this winter is the perfect time to study gardening.

Whether you want to design your own garden, grow your own, learn henkeeping or understand flower...

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