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Myriam Francois-Cerrah is a writer and broadcaster with a focus on current affairs, France and the Middle East.
She is currently a correspondent for Huffington Post US and a regular contributor to the New Statesman, Middle East Eye and Al Jazeera English.
Former assistant editor of emel magazine, she has had articles featured in the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the New Statesman, Salon, The Independent, The New Internationalist, Your Middle East, the Huffington Post, The London Paper, Index on Censorship, The F-word and others.
Myriam regularly contributes to public debates on Sky News, BBC Newsnight, the BBC Big Questions, Channel 4 news, etc.
Currently a DPhil researcher at Oxford University, focusing on Islamic movements in Morocco, she tutors in Middle East politics.
She has a BA in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University and an MA in Arab Studies (Honours), specialising in Middle East politics, from Georgetown University.

Her articles and lectures are featured on her blog:

She tweets @MFrancoisCerrah

Entries by Myriam Francois-Cerrah

British Jihadis - Turning Mothers Into Informants Is No Solution

(0) Comments | Posted 25 April 2014 | (14:00)

In the government's latest Orwellian measure, mothers and wives of "would-be jihadists" are ‎being urged to report on their loved ones, avowedly to "prevent tragedies". It won't escape notice ‎however, that despite protestations to the contrary, a message emanating from the police carries ‎criminalising potential. ‎

This latest strategy to...

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What I Might Have Said If I Had Been on Newsnight...

(18) Comments | Posted 26 March 2014 | (23:00)

On Monday evening, Newsnight convened a panel of Muslims to discuss a short film on the topic ‎of "who speaks for Muslims", made by Quilliam Foundation's Maajid Nawaz. The panel included ‎the journalist Mehdi Hasan and the Muslim commentator Mo Ansar and was chaired, (although ‎arguably not much!) by Jeremy...

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The Woolwich Attack: Should We Feel Terrorised?‎

(13) Comments | Posted 24 May 2013 | (15:41)

In the aftermath of the brutal murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich this week, questions have ‎surfaced on how best to describe the events - are labels such as "terrorism" either warranted or ‎even accurate? While the facts are still emerging, it is now clear the attackers were both...

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French Court Ruling Reignites 'Laicite' Vs Headscarf Debate

(4) Comments | Posted 15 April 2013 | (17:46)

France's distinctive take on secularism is once again making headlines. A sacred virtue of the ‎Republic, it is unquestionable within the hexagon where political careers are built on its defence. ‎But a recent case is causing controversy. The decision by France's High court (Court of Cassation) to ‎overturn the dismissal...

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Anti-Semitism? Not at Our Dinner Table

(7) Comments | Posted 22 March 2013 | (17:44)

When news broke that Lord Ahmed had allegedly blamed Jews for his 12-week stint behind ‎bars for killing a man through reckless driving, I tweeted my disgust with his blatant expression ‎of prejudice. Many Muslims echoed my sentiments. ‎

That's why Mehdi Hasan latest blog "The...

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Maternity Discrimination on the Rise as Women Pay the Price of Austerity

(13) Comments | Posted 13 March 2013 | (19:10)

‎When Sarah approached her manager at a large media company about taking maternity ‎leave, she found herself bargaining over the duration: "I knew I wanted six ‎months to be with my son, but she immediately started talking me down, saying four months ‎was plenty. I felt pressured to agree to...

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Mali: France's Afghanistan?

(4) Comments | Posted 17 January 2013 | (22:10)

Is France's military intervention in Mali a neo-colonial enterprise, dressed up in the conveniently ‎nebulous language of the 'war on terror'? France's less than gleaming record in the region - ‎with 50 military interventions, since the 50 years of independence in 14 francophone African ‎countries - has left many questioning...

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Egypt: Beyond 'Islamists' Vs 'Secularists', What Way Forward?

(0) Comments | Posted 5 December 2012 | (17:53)

Carnegie Endowment senior associate Marina Ottoway recently argued that the only question ‎facing Egypt's faltering democratic transition "is whether it will be the tyranny of the Islamist ‎majority or that of the secular minority".‎

Since the fall of Mubarak, Ottoway argues that an 'islamist majority', with popular support,...

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Why Blaming 'Asian Sex Gangs' Is the Real Disservice to the Victims

(5) Comments | Posted 22 November 2012 | (16:23)

Yesterday's interim report on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) has reignited debate over 'asian sex ‎gangs' and whether the PC brigade are impeding the police from identifying the variable of race as ‎relevant. In a debate with Tory MP David Davis on BBC Radio 2 yesterday, he put to...

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Gaza's Citizens: A Human Sacrifice in a Political 'Blame Game'

(2) Comments | Posted 18 November 2012 | (15:32)

Writing on the latest conflict in Gaza, I'm reminded of the extent to which media coverage of a ‎given issue can significantly shape its perception, even when that coverage runs counter to facts.

‎Hamas' status as an international pariah, means that the lack of sympathy reserved for an ‎organisation...

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Rowan Atkinson Is Right - We Need More Free Speech - But We Also Need More Responsible Speech

(13) Comments | Posted 19 October 2012 | (11:49)

Comic Rowan Atkinson has reignited debate over free speech this week through his campaign to ‎repeal part of Section 5 of the 1986 Public Order Act, which outlaws "threatening, abusive or ‎insulting words or behaviour that is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress". Specifically, ‎Atkinson believes, and...

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Demonstrating For Dignity: Why Are Muslims So Enraged?

(78) Comments | Posted 18 September 2012 | (19:44)

Muslims eh, they just cant seem to take a joke can they? It would be very easy to cast, as many ‎commentators have, the latest riots in response to the islamophobic film, as another example of ‎intolerant Muslims lacking a funny bone. The Rushdie affair, the Danish cartoons, the murder...

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Get Over Colonial Guilt? Not So Fast Mr Hague

(0) Comments | Posted 9 September 2012 | (14:24)

In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, William Hague argued that Britain needs to get ‎over its feelings of "post-colonial guilt", stating that we have a "new and equal partnership" with ‎countries unburdened by our colonial past history. Apparently we all need to 'relax', because ‎Britain's empire...

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Islamophobia: Orwellian 'Doublespeak' ?‎

(12) Comments | Posted 11 July 2012 | (18:01)

Earlier this month, James Bloodworth wrote a blog for the Independent ‎comparing Islamophobia to a type of Orwellian doublespeak, designed to ‎shut down public debate. He joins a chorus of voices on the Left who reject ‎the term on grounds of the 'freedom to criticise' Islam.‎

Some on...

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France's Legislative Elections: A Left Turn for Europe?

(0) Comments | Posted 10 June 2012 | (16:39)

Yesterday saw a record low level of participation (48.31%) in France's legislative elections as 6500 candidates campaigned for 577 seats. People headed to the booths to choose between an average of ten candidates, including a number of smaller fringe parties such as the Pirate party and the Blank...

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The Danger in Referring to 'Asian' Sex Gangs

(46) Comments | Posted 9 May 2012 | (12:32)

‎"Asian gangs, schoolgirls and a sinister taboo" read the Daily Mail headline in November 2010, ‎‎"Muslim gang jailed for kidnapping and raping two girls as part of their Eid celebrations" states ‎another of its salacious headlines in April this year, while the typically more demure Telegraph...

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Francois Hollande: The Candidate for Change? Not for French Muslims

(4) Comments | Posted 3 May 2012 | (23:49)

Wednesday night's presidential debate saw Socialist hopeful Francois Hollande pitted against ‎incumbent President, Nicolas Sarkozy on key points of the political agenda including nuclear ‎energy, the relationship with Europe and the economy. Hollande has marketed himself as the ‎candidate of 'change', the central concept in his slogan and the leitmotif...

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France is Turning 'Bleu Marine': the Existential Crisis of the French Right

(0) Comments | Posted 23 April 2012 | (22:22)

France is turning "bleu-Marine", a play on words which refers to the National Front (FN)'s strong ‎showing in the first round of the French Presidential elections. 18% of the vote is the strongest ‎polling yet for Marine Le Pen's party, out-doing even her father's 16.9% in the 2002 elections, ‎where...

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Fahim Alam: Riots and the Invisible Hand of Race

(2) Comments | Posted 5 April 2012 | (19:03)

The riots of 2011 were a defining moment in modern British history. A recent study undertaken by the Guardian with the London School of Economics showed that despite claims of 'feral' gangs, the cause most often cited for the riots by rioters themselves, was poverty (86%), unemployment (79%)...

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IWD: To Celebrate or to Mark?

(0) Comments | Posted 9 March 2012 | (09:44)

On the 101st International Women's Day - like many women, I'm faced with a mixed bag of emotions. I want to celebrate our achievements, our gains, our pioneers - but I've also just returned from a trip to Bangladesh which was a timely reminder of why we ought to be...

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