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Quiet Fights With Strangers

Posted 25 November 2011 | 14:56:59 (EST)

Yesterday morning I found that my car had been blocked in by a white van. It was a handyman's van, painted in red and blue and my initial irritation melted a bit when I looked over the road and saw a man up a ladder, wearing the same colours as...

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Don't Look A Thrift Horse In The Mouth

Posted 2 November 2011 | 15:08:33 (EST)

Late one night I was heading home on the train, gingerly fingering the free paper next to me, unsure if it was damp or just very cold (a small but important distinction). I was then snickering at the word 'fingering' as I am only human.

My high-octane vida loca...

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A Day In The Life

Posted 29 July 2011 | 12:24:47 (EST)

This month I am learning a lot of things.

I am now part of a sketch troupe (I can't find a collective noun that doesn't make us sound like monkeys). It's Dan Antopolski, Tom Craine and me, and we're called Jigsaw. I love being part of a tiny gang,...

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